Yuga Labs: Welcome to the Otherside Meta Verse – Who Wants to Watch the Demo?

Aberne stormer metaversen – Yuga Labs is by far the creative study of NFT the most emblematic of the ecosystem. Alongside its NFT collections, it is actively working to create one metavers called Otherside. About 4,300 users were able to preview this virtual universe as part of one demo.

4,300 users are exploring the other side

other side, the long-awaited metaverse developed by Yuga Labs, has briefly opened its doors. In fact, about 4,300 users were able to access one demo match Saturday, July 16th.

This demo took them to an area called “Biogenic swamp” which forms the center of the world of Othersides. It is also in this area that holders of Otherdeeds plots of land will be able to find their land.

Photo of all participants in the Otherside metaverse demo

In practice, the customer holders from NFT Yuga Labs, viz Bored monkeysMutant Apes and other Otherdeeds were able to participate in this demo.

A few hours after the demo, Yuga Labs unveiled the project’s light paper. This strives for “communicate and explain the principles of the platform, the possibilities of its developers and the possibilities for co-creation of communities”.

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According to Lysavisen, Yuga Labs intends to involve the community in the creation of its metavers:

“We want to encourage, strengthen and recognize the expression, creativity and ingenuity in the community of Otherside contributors.”

To do this, Yuga Labs has developed a development kit. Effective isOtherside Development Kit allows developers to participate in the creation of Otherside:

“Developers and travelers will be able to get their hands dirty using and providing feedback on software development kits (SDKs). More casual gamers will be able to use the game’s building tools for their enjoyment.”

For example, developers and artists can create objects in Otherside, by Open Object standards. These make it possible to make interoperable objects created both on Otherside and on other metavers that respect this standard.

Voyager Journey: The First Story Arc

In addition to the technique, this lightweight paper allows us to gather some additional information about the Otherside universe.

In fact, Yuga Labs unveiled the first narrative arc in its game, with the title “Travel trip” :

“This is a narrative gaming experience that will introduce and educate players in the basics of participating in Otherside.”

In addition, all participants in these stages will be justified Have additional incentives related to Otherside. Clearly, Saturday’s demo was the first of these steps.

First, this narrative journey will take place through several technical demonstrations. This allows both players to discover the game and developers to identify the limits of their technology.

This first story arc will be followed by 10 more arcs already imagined by Yuga Labs. Details of these extra arches will be revealed over time.

A technological enterprise

To achieve its metaverse, Yuga Labs has partnered with the project Unlikely to take advantage of it M² technology. This technology makes it possible to gather more than 10,000 participants simultaneously with custom avatars.

This is already used by many video game giants, such as 2K, Activision Blizzard and EA.

Last May, Yuga Labs pushed the blockchain Ethereum in its last closures with the launch of its NFT Otherdeeds. The congestion was such that Yuga Labs became involved to reimburse transaction fees of its injured users.

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