The Last of Us Part 1: A really valuable PS5 and PC remake?

Play news The Last of Us Part 1: A really valuable PS5 and PC remake?

The question has already been raised and arises again as The Last of Us Part 1 has just passed Gold. What is the interest – apart from financial – of recreating a game that is almost ten years old and which is considered to be one of the best productions ever? All at a high price! Since the announcement of the project, some Naughty Dog developers have spoken. It’s time to take stock.

You’ve probably heard the good news: The Last of Us Part 1 has just turned gold! An important moment in every development that signs the completion of the CD version as well as the start of its duplication. It is therefore a certainty that the remake of the cult game from Naughty Dog will be released on September 2 on PS5 (later on PC) as announced during Summer Game Fest. As the tension on one side rises, some players struggle. For in addition to the interest in such a project it is the price that challenges. The Last of Us Part 1 is sold at full price for 79.99 €.

An inconvenient price

A price that is common to all 9th ​​generation console triple-As. But this remake is not quite a blockbuster like the others, and that’s what annoys some fans. Following the release of the base game in 2013 and a remaster on PS4 two years later, The Last of Us Part 1 will mark the third version Ellie and Joël’s adventures of almost ten years. It all comes more in a context with a bit tired in terms of remasters | re-recordings. While ambitious redesigns on the one hand are hailed by the press and the public (Demon’s Souls, Resident Evil 2), certain games, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series version of Grand Theft Auto V, reflect a practice that is reassuring to the industry but has its limits. However, Naughty Dog does not arrive empty-handed and evokes here a work “restarted from scratch” based on the qualities of PS5 – new images, battles – with the aim of offering the “definitive” version of The Last of Us.

Here’s why PlayStation is selling The Last of Us Part 1 for $ 70: Management thinks (correctly in my opinion) that people will pay; Price equivalent to current generation AAA; Way to denote the aura of the title through its value Judgment, financial analyst for video games, on Twitter

The Last of Us Part 1: A really valuable PS5 and PC remake?

Project taken from scratch

Specifically, what progress has The Last of Us Part 1 made? On the sidelines of the technique and the main duo’s faces, like the second section, it’s a comparison of Tess’ character that particularly impressed last month. Six seconds of video, a brief aspiration of the main character, that’s all! The feeling given by the remake is undeniably superior. “(For this project, editor’s note) we have found a way to get even closer to our basic vision,” said Neil Druckmann, author, director and co-president of Naughty Dog, on the Summer Game Fest stage. “All the animators went back to study the actors’ original performances and got closer to them than ever before.”

But for some players, the account is still not there. “The problem is not that (Naughty Dog and PlayStation, editor’s note) recreate the game. The problem is that they are asking $ 70 in return”burst out during a broadcast by Parris Lilly, well known host of the Gamertag Radio podcast. Show me why I have to pay $ 70 for a title I’ve played twice in the last nine years! ” It’s safe at the moment, Naughty Dog did not reveal much by The Last of Us Part 1. We expect a long gameplay phase. The remake will undoubtedly be the subject of a state over the summer, insofar as the time to appear on the PlayStation Showcase back to school seems too tight.

Because a remake – that’s the word used by Naughty Dog on PlayStation Blog US – is not just about putting candy paint and new heads on models dating back to 2013. The Last of Us Part 1 will deliver without a doubt and deeper overhaul. On the Sony site, we can especially hear about further exploration “thrust”. Maybe open areas like The Last of Us Part 2? After all, why not! In any case, the studio does not have a reputation for doing things half-heartedly, as it has already turned DLCs into full-fledged projects (Uncharted Lost Legacy). In addition, one developer said there was no crunch on this project.

The Last of Us Part 1: A really valuable PS5 and PC remake?

Naughty Dog says from

The Last of Us Part 1, a Way for the Naughty Dog to Make Easy Money? In any case, this is clearly not the position of Robert Robisson, the animator on the app. In a message Twitter says it’s about the project “the most carefully constructed and designed” of her career. For his part, Neil Druckmann speaks of “incredible work”. Furthermore, the co-president still specified on the Summer Game Fest stage that the remake was not only motivated by the arrival of the HBO series The Last of Us (early 2023), but to offer PS5 and PC players the best version of the first installment. Yes because, we must not forget that during the same event, Naughty Dog also formalized its huge multiplayer project from the same franchise that was to provide news next year. So in the meantime, why not create new fans thanks to a first The Last of Us more successful than ever?

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