Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple: The new Pokémon games are once again victims of a massive leak? – Rumor

If you are a fan of Pokemon for a long time (as since yesterday), the end, ind next Novemberof Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon purple is truly an event. Whereas the beginning of the yearLess of three months only after the re-recordings are released Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearlthat nintendo switch welcome Pokemon Legends: Arceusan innovative episode that takes place in “open spaces”, The Pokemon Company already put the cover back by taking “Great game“.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon purple present itself as a real leap forward for the license by rethinking the conventions that have governed it so far, in the same way as nintendo with his Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, which has now become a model to follow and almost a genre in itself. Suffice it to say that the pressure must be great for the development teams, which have no room for error. Pokemon Scarlet / Little must definitely establish itself as a must and a historic date for the series.

Until now nintendo and The Pokemon Company ensure promotion of the title (s) by providing information in trifles. The idea is to gradually increase the “hype” around the games by reserving a maximum of surprises for the players with controller in hand. But with the current means of communication and in particular social networks, it is becoming harder and harder for large companies to keep their productions secret. Between internal errors (as recently Ubisoft with the latest Mario + Rabbids), rumors spread by doctor and leak from insiders, unofficial information very often short-circuits the official narrative with sometimes consequences, not only on the morale of the development teams, but also on the perception one may have of certain games, even on their sales. IN 2019 the end of Pokémon sword and Pokemon Shield almost turned into a failure due to massive leaks who will put The Pokemon Company angry and that will end with judge. That’s when the leak came fromcompany employees print game guides. It had been there too an editor from a Portuguese Nintendo websiteclosed immediately, and several Discord accounts that had been designated.

Since then, by the way, you should know that video game companies are much stricter on the sites they work with, and beware of those who do not respect the NDAs (the “confidentiality agreements”). With all that, we hoped that the new games Pokemonexpected at the end of the yearshould avoid a new series of massive leaks … Unfortunately, while the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon purple are still “remote” (they come out exactly in four months, next November 18th) it seems that games have already fallen victim to a new one leaked important. For several days now, pictures of Pokémon and trainers have been circulating, and a lot of information is being shared, especially on Twitter.

So of course it can be false, but if these leaks were to be confirmed, one wonders where the error is again? How can this happen again with such “important” Pokémon games and in such proportions? The Pokemon Company must necessarily be in place to identify the source, but it’s still pretty incredible that history repeats itself – if that’s actually the case …

HAVE Nintendo-Master.com which is an independent site that is a master (it is the case to say it) in its editorial line, but which also has a calling to work closely with all market players, we decided not to spread these leaks nor to share links. These leaks exist and it is already information in itself. We let you freely search for them or not, or wait for official information or even prefer to discover the games by hand. In the meantime, feel free to express yourself in the comments.

As a reminder, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon purple will be available November 18, 2022 solely on nintendo switch.

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