LoL: Aurelion Sol Revamp: Riot unveils the new mechanic who will make it unique!

Riot Games does not want to slow down the pace at which new things are coming League of legends . Although we are still focused on the release of Nilah and the arrival of the Star Guardian event, the developers have decided to give us a first look at one of the most anticipated reworks in the history of their MOBA. Aurelion Sol will receive major changes in its abilities in the future, opening the door to the rebirth of “old” masters. The developers of the American studio wanted to show the first details of the large star dragon that threatens Summoner’s Rift (well, technically it is chained by the Manifestations [0 erreur sur le nom] of Targon).

Riot wants to make Aurelion Sol a “space god”

The first thing Riot Games wanted to remember was the paradoxical situation of Aurelion Sol: the character design is one of the highest rated among all the champions of the League of Legends, even though it is little used in the game. According to the developers, this situation does not satisfy them, as they also consider him one of the most interesting heroes in terms of personality and knowledge. Therefore, the big goal is that his power is reflected in Summoner’s Rift with a unique set that will evolve endlessly and shine in the playoffs.

Designed by Aurelion Sol is one of the most valued of the community

This power growth towards the last minutes of the game will not be linked to a mechanic already implemented in the game. Senna, Veigar or Nasus get stats with some of their abilities or a passive that increases their overall power. However, Aurelion Sol will increase in size over the course of the game. He will not grow as a kind of draconian Cho’Gath, but his abilities will make him grow. When the minutes go by or he rises in level, the space he is able to control will increase significantly when it comes to casting a spell capable of occupying an entire lane (width only).

We want to do something amazing that lives up to community expectations when we first introduced the character (…) We want players to feel like a space god when the late game “, explained Rioter, who is responsible for this update. This is the absolute minimum given the the meaning of the character in the story of the League of Legends, which is supposed to have created Runeterra’s world in lore. Although he was ultimately a failure, he is also the heir to Ao Shin, the most famous canceled champion ever, and there have been players who have been waiting for his release for over three years, for the result is a huge disappointment.

This will be one of his skills at the start of the game ... - League of Legends
This will be one of his skills at the beginning of the game …

... and this is what the last few minutes will look like - League of Legends
… and this is how it’s going to look like the last few minutes

In addition to some interesting mechanics and an ability whose function has not yet been revealed, Riot Games declined to comment further. on the Aurelion Sol rework, but it is interesting that they decided to show it for the first time, something that shows that the project seems to be on the right track. The type of update that the character will receive is called CGU (Critical Gameplay Update) and refers to an important update, but only at the gameplay level, and this will be the first time that Riot Games completes a process of this kind. If successful, they have confirmed that they could create other “workplaces” of the same type.

There’s still time before this new version of the Aurelion Sol arrives in Summoner’s Rift. Thanks to official statements from Riot Games, we know that the next big update of an old champion coming to League of Legends will be the Beast Renewal, and then there will be a break in this level. What the developers have confirmed is that one new master roadmap will be released in the coming months where we get more details about the character.


League of Legends has a very established competition scene with a highly developed backbone. But a new rule could revolutionize everything. The latter is being tested in China and we can not wait to see the effects.

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