How to Find the Serial Number of a Dell Laptop Windows 10 (Dell Service Tag)

Windows does not display the serial number of your Dell laptop or any other laptop anywhere in its interface, nor does it display popular system information tools. However, you can often find your PC’s serial number with a simple command, a look in your BIOS or on the hardware itself. So in this article I will show you three (3) different ways to do it find the serial number of dell laptops windows 10.

Your Dell laptop comes with one service numberalso known as serial number Where S / N. It is helpful to keep track of this number as it will help you get warranty service for your device in case of crash. There are several ways to get a serial number on your Dell machine.

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What you learn in this guide:

How to Find the Service Tag (S / N) on a Dell Laptop

Sometimes it is necessary to know the serial number, product number, and model number of your Dell laptop or any other laptop to download drivers. So in this guide I will show 3 methods to find the serial number of a Dell laptop in Windows 10.

Method 1. Find Dell Laptop Serial Number Using Command Prompt (WMIC)

Dell is one of the manufacturers that allows users to find the serial number of their Windows device on the Windows operating system itself. This approach will work as long as your Dell computer is loading the Windows operating system correctly.

This is by far the easiest method to find out the serial number of your HP laptop or any other laptop. All you have to do is type a command at the command prompt (CMD). Here’s how:

Step 1. Open a command prompt window to get started. In Windows 10 or 8, Right click that Begin button and select “Command prompt”And run it like Administrator or just type command prompt in the search bar next to the Start menu button.

Step 2. In the command prompt window, type the following command, and then press Enter:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Step 3. You will see the computer serial number displayed below the text “Serial numberThis command uses the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMIC) command-line tool to extract the system serial number from its BIOS.

Method 2. Locate the Dell Laptop Serial Number in the BIOS

In the second method, you will also be able to find the serial number on the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings panel. This policy will not give you a serial number if you do not have a WMIC button because the command removes the serial number from the BIOS. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to test the BIOS if you are unable to register to run the WMIC command in Windows.

Go to the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings screen and look somewhere in a system information panel for a “serial number”. On different PCs it will be somewhere else, but you can usually find it somewhere on the “Main” or “System” screen.

To access the BIOS on Dell laptops:

  • Turn on your Dell computer or restart it.
  • Hurry “F2”When the first screen appears. The timing is difficult, so you can constantly press “F2” until you see the “Entering Setup” message.
  • Expand now Maintenance tab and select Service number. On the left side of the screen you will find the serial number of the Dell laptop next to it Service number.
find the serial number dell 2

Locate the Dell Laptop serial number in the BIOS

Method 3. Locate the label on any Dell product

If your Dell laptop does not turn on, you will not be able to use the command prompt and BIOS method to find the serial number of your Dell laptop. Instead, find the serial number on the outside of your laptop.

Usually the label on the bottom of the laptop is near the battery cover and is white or black with contrasting characters. Look for a 7-digit alphanumeric code next to or below the words “Service number” Where “Serial number.


This article was about finding serial numbers for Dell laptops in Windows 10, and I have shown you the three best possible ways to find the serial number. I hope this article can help you find the serial number or service tag of your Dell laptop and keep in mind that these methods not only work on a Dell laptop, but they will work on others as well. laptops as well as HP, Sony Vaio and many more. After.

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