Chief Metaverse Officer: “What is his job?”

Interview with Leon Avatar, Chief Metaverse Officer at Publicis.

In this new “What is his job?” », Focus on the record of Chief Metaverse Officer. Promoted with great enthusiasm by Publicis, this title in Arthur Sadoun’s group corresponds to a virtual avatar specializing in web3 and the meta verse.

Leon Avatarthe world’s very first Chief Metaverse Officer at Publicis, and Marco Venturelli Chief Creative Officer at Publicis France, shed some light on “this job”.

What is a Bureau’s Chief Metaverse Office? How did the idea of ​​creating such a position come about?

Leon Avatar:

Marco Venturelli : Such an approach was born to show that for Publicis the exploration of the metaverse is very important. I say exploration because we learn by walking. It is important for us to do things instead of just talking. That’s how we came up with the idea of ​​creating an avatar, which is a fundamental element of the meta-verse.

We also quickly realized that such a topic cannot be carried by real people, no one today is really legitimate to do so. That is why we created an avatar, which we give a role that is commensurate with the importance of the metaverse to us.

Finally, the metaverse has a playful origin, associated with the gaming world. So one has to have a certain lightness, an irony when talking about it. And that’s the whole point of Leon’s personality, which is a spokesman with a “playful” tone.

Specifically, what types of projects does a Chief Metaverse Officer work on?

L .: I do so many things. According to the metavers, I will show the way in this or that jungle. And then I am also an advocate for all immersive digital projects in web3, a bit like I do with you today.

MV: In web3, the explorations are a bit scattered, with projects requiring different expertise. Leon makes sure to link, organize all this, partly by doing internal and external pedagogy, and partly by guiding a client who wants to work with us to lead him towards the right profiles.

L .: To give you an idea, I have already made 1357 presentations on what blockchain is.

How does a client get in touch with the Chief Metaverse Officer? Does he have an office?

L .: I have several offices. One in all known and unknown metavers so far. You get in touch with me in a pretty traditional way, there is the front door which is not secret: linkedin and an email, and the rest of the time I go in the metaverse. Internally, the publicis people are lucky to have me on teams, this is where I have meetings about blockchain and NFT, I can of course also make Teams with customers.

Is Leon destined to remain an avatar, or will he eventually get a human equivalent?

L .: Am I becoming human? I will lose my omniscience and my mane. Avatar I am, avatar I remain.

MV: Leon is a virtual expression. When he speaks, he presents and expresses the expertise of all our talents. There are already a lot of people behind it, and that’s the whole point of the avatar!

What qualities are required for this position?

L .: There are many metavers, so you have to be very adaptable. If I dared … I would say I’m a real chameleon. I dared.

MV: And a comedian too.

L .: You also need to stay informed. The metaverset is a fast-moving and more than trendy topic, as we saw at the last Vivatech show. We are, of course, interested in that hypebut above all we must take a step back on the challenges of the brands in relation to these trends.

What are the challenges and challenges of this position?

L .: Difficulties? I have none.

MV: The challenge is to keep the right tone. Let it be easy, ironic as I said before. This right balance allows us to avoid transforming ourselves into a entity that would spend its life imagining a distant future. It would be useless because these are areas that are evolving rapidly and unpredictably. That is also what makes their charm.

It is important for us and our customers to stay practical, experiment and learn.

What is the Salary of a Chief Metaverse Officer? And when it comes to a 3D lion, is it then paid in bitcoins or cattle?

L .: As soon as we talk about money or cattle, we feel that interests are sharpening. To tell you the truth, I was well paid. But that was before the fall of bitcoin. So I should have said yes to being paid in cattle. I made the wrong choice. Here is what I can tell you about this sensitive topic.

MV: He does it out of passion, money does not interest him. It’s an artist!

What can this position develop into in the future? Could an AI occupy this position in the long run?

L .: There is already talk of replacing me, the world is cruel.

MV: As far as we follow an experimental logic, we will of course look for everything that can be learned from AI. But our purpose, of course, is to retain our talents, our people, who have ideas that an AI will never have.

So we do not think an AI can replace Leon. Nevertheless, we are already experimenting with artificial intelligence. We use it on a platform so that Leon can answer certain practical questions more quickly. Its scope is very varied, so with its development, AI will come to support Leon.

As for his development, I know Leon dreams of taking Arthur’s place. But it will never happen!

L .: I made it clear that he was irreplaceable, so good …

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