Art and cultural stay in the Auvezère valley Espace Jeunes Dronne et Belle, 1 August 2022, Brantôme en Périgord.

Art and culture stay in the Auvezère Valley 1 – 5 August Espace Jeunes Dronne et Belle

as part of the “learning colonies” operation of the Ministry of National Education.

Dronne and Belle Brantôme Youth Center in Périgord Brantôme en Périgord 24310 Dordogne Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The “VIP” or Very Important Pass’Adolescents project is a joint project between the leisure center (3-11 years) and Espace Jeunes (11-17 years), in Brantômois. It allows for a smooth accompaniment of young people from one structure to another.
Based on the observation that:
• some of the leisure activities were less suitable for the CM2 audience
• these young people want to become more independent
• these young people had a lack of knowledge about the function of the youth room
• these young people needed information about university life
• some high school students (6th grade) wanted to spend time with their younger friends to share their experiences.
Therefore, certain times are set aside throughout the school year for young people in CM1 / CM2 / 6ème, with facilitators from both structures and common resources.
It is within this framework that we organize this stay, a true highlight and end of the school year.
The stay takes place in the town of Cherveix-Cubas, near the Auvezère valley, in the Périgord Noir, the Dordogne department of New Aquitaine.

We have to stay at the campsite “Le clupeau”, a family campsite by the river and a few steps from the city center. It has all facilities: shaded seats, electricity, toilet blocks and offers services that we can use: table tennis, badminton, petanque, wifi, bar / snack.
We have two 8-person tents and a kitchen tent.
We will distribute the young people in these tents, and we will also ask young people who do not want to sleep in groups to bring their own tent.
All meals will be designed as a major educational moment, and is one of the axes of ALSH’s educational project, the theme “citizenship”. The primary goal is to work with autonomy and to have a reflection on one’s health and the place of food production. The meals will be prepared by the young people, accompanied by a member of the team. To guarantee young people’s food safety, we will implement a common sense approach guided and accompanied by “Guide to good hygiene practice for outdoor collective catering in the collective reception of minors”.
The motivations that made us choose this type of accommodation and catering are mainly based on:
– At the will of the young people
– About the need to get young people to be actors in their spare time
– On the desire to recreate social interactions
– On the desire to support young people in the direction of autonomy.
We get a kitchen tent equipped with a refrigerator, countertops and storage space needed for storing food. Among other things, we will make sure to respect these points in the rules:
– Control samples
– Temperature book
– Traceability of food
– Menus are displayed.

A group of 16 young people, ranging from CM1-CM2 to 6th grade, living in the Dronne and Belle territory, an inland state and aging rural area.
The welcome young people come from the various municipalities in the inter-municipal Dronne and Belle.
This public responds to a survey conducted by the training team for the two structures. The project was to motivate them, bring them together to make them actors of their leisure activities by building an accompanied educational stay. This publicity comes mainly from isolated families or single-parent families, in a precarious socio-economic situation, with disabilities or children of staff crucial to dealing with the health crisis.
We will be careful to form a group where the “boy / girl” mix will be effective. However, we are aware that the presence of girls in teenage buildings remains low and difficult to mobilize.
These targeted young people are known by the youth structures in the area. This provides a welcome and reassuring support, reassuring both for young people, families and for the management team.
The group consists of 8 boys and 8 girls.

We offer outdoor physical and sporting activities that can be adapted to people with mild physical disabilities.
In the continuity of the reception we make at the usual times, supervisory teams will ensure that there is no discrimination, and will encourage cohabitation, mutual help, cooperation and integration of these young people in the group. The team will accompany them in their daily lives and when they need it.

Going on holiday is a way for young people to:

 To build oneself through a life experience: to be exploring, to take away from home, to meet and share between young people.
 Knowing how to be and live together: accepting the other with their differences, adopting a benevolent attitude (tolerance and respect) towards others through life in society, but also through the various interactions (local, professional and environmental)
 Gain independence and responsibility: Management of the various tasks that are inherent in the daily life of the campsite, develop mutual trust to bring them towards greater responsibility.

Departure is Monday 1 August 2022 at 9, meet in the parking lot of the Brantôme premises. Return on Friday 5 August 2022 at 18.00 at the same meeting place. The stay lasts 5 days and 4 nights.
The trip is made with 2 minibuses of 9 seats. Travel time is estimated at 50 minutes. The distance is 50 kilometers.
During the stay we will prefer to travel on foot, but we will still have to use the minibus, given the different places of activity.

Overall goal: To arouse the curiosity necessary for learning among the welcome young people and to involve the young people in the organization of the stay.
Educational Objectives: To enable young people to discover the biodiversity of the Auvezère Valley; Develop taste for written and oral expression in a playful and original way; Experience the different heritage
Participate in artistic activities; Integrate young people in the preparation of the stay; Develop socialization, responsibility, autonomy and cooperation

Initially, a partnership will be established with the families to make them aware of the process of the “learning holiday” system. As a result, detailed information about the project, goals and activity programs will be communicated to them from the first contact.
Then we arrange an information meeting before the stay.
After this meeting, we will be able to target families in need of support. In addition, individual agreements will be offered in support of the preparation of the stay.
We will make ourselves available to accompany families when purchasing or borrowing items from the pants house.
During the stay, the connection with the families will be maintained. If necessary, the directors can be contacted.
We would suggest that families consult the digital travel diary to find out about the activities carried out and the group’s life during the stay.
A post-stay meeting will be proposed to restore and exchange with the families and the elected representatives.

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-08-01T08: 00: 00 + 02: 00
2022-08-05T17: 59: 00 + 02: 00