Zelda Breath of the Wild: It’s possible to modify your weapons without cheating! here’s how

news tips Zelda Breath of the Wild: It’s possible to modify your weapons without cheating! here’s how

According to the Breath of the Wild community, every day brings its own set of mistakes, and today is no exception. The holdings have multiplied since the discovery of Inventory Slot Transfer, and one of them seems to be a real game changer. We explain why!


  • A bug that sends heavy
  • How to modify your weapons without hacking your console

A bug that sends heavy

The longer it takes, the more the anticipation for Breath of the Wild 2 is felt. Scheduled for spring 2023, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still very mysterious, and fans are longing to learn more. Not only about the story of this next opus, but also about what’s new in terms of gameplay – such as the ability to move through the air – and above all further Left mysterious arm, which appear to have very specific properties. Although the exit window is still slightly distant, however, the players are not passiveas we could show you in our recent articles.

While some have found ways to play Breath of the Wild online and co-op, others have discovered how to explore Hyrule’s previously unexplored seabed. But the findings do not stop there.because the most recent error has probably gave birth to a whole bunch of exploits that society is happy to dissect. One of them will probably delight many players and even change the lives of some as it allows you to modder its equipment to use very advantageous statistics. We explain how it works:

Recently we told you about the famous Inventory Slot Transfer or IST, its unflattering abbreviation in French. The latter allows create buggy inventory slotsand therefore of duplicate objectsand even transfer from one store to another. But its applicability does not stop there, as it also allows for pass on the statistics of some goods to others, which is the purpose of the exploitation discussed here. It is actually now possible transfer the properties of a recipe to a weapon thanks to Weapon change transfer. You can modify your equipment as it suits you, and even double the resistance of Hyrule’s shield, if you will.

To activate Weapon change transfer Where WMTone must first use IST to achieve 62 buggy storage spaces. We advise you to follow along our comprehensive guide on the subject for best results. Once your 62 slots are obtained, be sure to have 2 special items (Teleportation amulet, travel saddle, etc.) and 60 recipes in your inventory. Then you have to get rid of all elements between the element you want to modify and the recipes. For example, if you want to increase Hyrule’s shield strength, you have to cope all slots for clothes and materialsat least temporarily, as you can see below:

This done, move on generate an automatic backupby walking near a shrine, for example. When you load this save, the statistics associated with the last recipe in your warehouse will be applied to the item you selected earlier. Here is one Enduro remedymade by 1 Vigor carrot and of 5 Divine game. When the last automatic save is loaded, the properties of this agent will be applied to the Hyrule shield, whose resistance will increase from 90 to 202. Of course, you can recreate this error with other objects and achieve results that are as surprising as they are interesting, as bows that are capable of shooting 10 arrows at a time.

To see this error in action in addition to the screenshots provided by ElDuende05we invite you to watch his explanatory video below:

And you, will you try to recreate this error to improve your equipment? If so, do not hesitate to share your discoveries with us in the comments!

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