When the desire for a child gets the unsettling aspect of the business

The Désir d’enfant show will be organized on September 3 and 4, 2022 at the Espace Champerret in Paris.

The Désir d'enfant show will be organized on September 3 and 4, 2022 at the Espace Champerret in Paris.


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La Manif pour tous publishes a study on the Désir d’enfant show. For its third edition in France, this event will bring together the key international players in assisted reproduction in September.

Atlantico: La Manif pour tous conducted a study on the Désir d’enfant show. Why are you interested in this show?

Ludovine de la Rochere: The Désir d’enfant fair was held twice in Paris, in 2020 and 2021. As we follow the organizations that promote surrogacy, we discovered this fair before its first edition. Many organizations offering surrogacy abroad were partners in the event the first year, and the conferences focused on fatherless surrogacy and PMA, as it was not yet legal in France. At that time we made a bailiff’s report, made a hidden camera, etc. We had also arranged an event in front of the living room to protest the holding of the event. Journalists had then confirmed what we condemn. The second year they were more cautious. Their conference program haswas posted at the last minute to avoid controversy. Here again, we arranged a 48-hour event to disturb them. This harmed their number of visitors according to our information. This did not prevent the show from being held, but it was necessary to show more interest in having information about GPA. We carried out other hidden cameras and made contacts for later appointments to follow up on surrogacy. In our investigation, we show the illegality of what is happening on the show, and the hypocrisy of our leaders. We want to make these things known publicly and get justice and government to roll the show back.

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What is illegal in salon practice?

French law prohibits surrogacy on French territory. Unfortunately, it does not prohibit ordering a surrogacy in a country where it is legal. So we can do nothing. On the other hand, French law prohibits intervening between a potential surrogate mother and people who want a child. Mediation and attempted mediation are punishable by law.

You talk about the hypocrisy of the leaders, what are you talking about?

We warned many people: the police headquarters in Paris, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior. Everyone gave the money without doing anything. We have also warned parliamentarians who, in connection with the debates on the Bioethics Act, have questioned members of the government. Their response, and in particular Olivier Vérans, was that it was a private event, that he had no meaning, and that it was up to justice to speak. However, they know well how to cry ugly when they want, private event or not. Personally, Olivier Véran is in favor of surrogacy, but that is not the government’s line. The latter has always specified that it was his red line. But in fact, they let it happen for years, and this show is an example. This is complete hypocrisy.

On the Désir d’enfants website, in the announcement of the 2022 show, it is specified that “the GPA will not be represented for this edition”. How do you analyzeat?

You are completely right. We are in the process of verifying what exactly it is. We are in the process of identifying who the partners are, one of them is a Cypriot agency offering PMA and GPA. In addition, the conference program has not yet been announced. We are trying to find out if anything has happened as a result of our investigation. Behind this fair is a company that arranges fairs, another in Paris that rents the premises. Maybe by condemning, condemning, things have changed and some companies do not want to get into trouble. In addition, our intention is to sue the show’s partner companies if necessary.

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