Ruti hyena, hit by car near Modiin, dies

Hyena Ruti, who lived on the outskirts of Modiin, a traffic hotspot in the center of the country and had become a celebrity, was knocked down and killed by a car on Saturday afternoon, the official said. Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) d. Sunday.

His body was found on Route 443, near the Ligal industrial zone.

She was still wearing a radio transmitter on her collar.

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Ruti’s presence was first noticed in 2017 when the hyena wandered around in the trash looking for food. The city had expanded into its natural territory.

She had won many fans in Modiin, but she had also had many enemies – resulting in a fierce public debate that determined INPA to capture and release her elsewhere on two occasions. But she came back every time.

By the time the Authority had made the decision to take her to the far south of the country, Ruti had managed to avoid any attempt to capture her.

To get to know the hyenas better and counter legends and other negative rumors about them, the Nature Conservation Association of Israel had opened a Facebook page in Ruti’s name.

Jonathan Meyrav ???????? what are you thinking ??

Posted by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Tel Aviv Modi’in and the Environment on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The death of the hyena was announced on the site on Sunday, and the Nature Conservation Association said in the sad announcement that Ruti had been a role model for other wild animals living in cities.

“To our regret, the city was stronger than it was,” the Facebook post read.

Posted by The Society for the Protection of Nature in Tel Aviv Modi’in and the Environment on Sunday, July 17, 2022

Yariv Melichi, who is in charge of the central district of the country at INPA, said that “from the follow-up we have given, we know that Ruti had children on at least two occasions and possibly more. Apparently, in Israel, in 2022, is the life expectancy of a hyena, even though it has the experience of urban space, as Ruti did, five to six years. It is very sad “.

In its natural environment, a striped hyena like Ruti can live for twelve years.

Blue and white MK Alon Tal. (Credit: Elad Malka)

In a blog from The times of Israel Alon Tal, a resident of Moddin, an environmental activist and Knesset member since 2021, wrote in 2018 that “humans are choosing to live in rural areas that have always provided habitats for large mammals. Given Israel’s small size, we must learn that live together – just as the ancients lived in harmony with a much larger number of predators, which included lions, cheetahs and bears ”.

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