Rescued from serious car accident, Loiretain Rodolphe Trabaries pushes the boundaries of ultra-cycling

do not search Rodolphe Trabaries, is not made of the same wood as you. This 45-year-old Loiretain, at the helm of a construction company, completed what he calls his “little health walk” in June. Here he talks about his participation in that Race across Francea long ultra-cycling event 2,500 kilometers across France. A distance, including the Alps, which he traveled, alone and without assistance, in eight dayswrites his name among the fifty finalists.

An incredible challenge in light of the imposed pace to keep the schedule and weather conditions, sometimes diabolical, which fall on these men and women, riveted for hours on their bikes. By leaving Le Touquet on Saturday 18 June at the end of the day, Rodolphe Trabaries started at. a distance of 680 kilometers (!), driving to the next night before his first break: a stopover of three hours of sleep at a hotel in Sablé-sur-Sarthe. “In the beginning, I tried to make a good placement, it was necessary to brew to stay in the top ten”, details with disarming simplicity the forty-year-old living in Boigny-sur-Bionne.

Garage or space shed to sleep

The following evening he had already reached Gueugnon, where he rested again for three hours before setting course for Megève. “Right after Annecy, I got lost, impossible to find the right direction, it swelled me. At one o’clock in the morning I found an open garage shelter, I slept there in my survival blanket. At 06.30 the resident found me and asked me to go “, laughs the cyclist, custom and usage unlikely night stops. The previous year he says he slept in his survival blanket on the slopes of the Col de l’Iseran, where he was caught at night by the fog … Not even scared!

For his second participation, his referral error in the beginning of the Alps finally got overtaken by its ambitions in the rankings.

“I said to myself: the others are far away, now I do it for fun. So I took more time to stop, have a drink, eat a pizza; in Val d’Isère I took a nice hotel, I hung out out in a good bed until 5:30 p.m.

Rodolphe Trabaries (empty)

Take your time, of course, but he will still roll under the pedals one and the same step the collars (hold on tight!) Iseranof Madeleinefrom Telegraphfrom Galibierfrom Lautareyof Sarennaa part of the climb to the Alpe d’Huezthat iron crossGlandon and the balconies of Belledonne. “In one day I had to make 10,000 altitude meters (out of the event’s 33,000).” Alas, he will find a shed next to the road to a modest home …

“The last 400 kilometers I was flushed, I took almost three days, as I should have done them in one day,” says Boignacien, who is not dissatisfied with crossing, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, the arrival of this monstrous ordeal, from which he hopes in the future, join the Top10. An ambition far from illegitimate for the Loiretaner, who finished in third place in 24 Hours of Le Mans cycling in 2021.

The road to such a level of performance in ultra-cycling was not ready for Rodolphe Trabaries. Educated from the Cercle Gambetta in Orléans in his early years, he slowed down as an adult. “There was the job, the excursions, the cigarette, the alcohol, the shit,” recognizes the man who has not never used to do things halfway.

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18 fractures, 4 months in hospital

In 2015, a traffic accident changed everything. This “little fart in the car” served him eighteen brides, four months in the hospital and double rehabilitation. “Life could have stopped seven years ago for me. Since then, I no longer play stupid, I no longer go out, I no longer smoke, and I have returned to the sport.” If his bruised body has not fully recovered, he tolerates cycling, which he has been advised to rebuild.

From excursion to excursion, the bicycle virus catches up with him. His excursions with the demanding Red Horse group leave no one indifferent. “He’s a guy who moves forward without worrying about what we think of him, which is as admirable as it is annoying,” portrays Xavier Nicolas, one of his travel companions.

“Rodolphe is a character, he’s becoming a local legend alone, but he’s above all a character of steel.”

Xavier Nicholas (Friend of Rodolphe Trabaries)

When a fish Pierre Rolland challenged him to take part in Race Across France, Rodolphe Trabaries was caught by the game. His training sessions were as exaggerated as the event itself: “It’s simple to prepare yourself, you ride, you ride, you roll … Night and day,” says Rodolphe. “Sometimes I left on Friday at. 20:00 until Saturday noon. “Orléans, Tours, Châteauroux … He crosses the region, rests for two hours on Saturday and leaves for another night.” For me, 300 terminals are now cat ice! “He jokes.

Today, if the race across America (4,800 km) appears to be out of reach for logistical reasons, the Continental Race across Europe and its approximately 4,000 kilometers may appear as a credible future small challenge …

It is possible to stay in the flat Pays Loiretain and participate in the Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup!

Jerome Couton-Coudray

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