How to resize an image on Windows 10 PC and laptop (painting and photos)

It may be necessary Publish a smaller version of one picture to Facebook or something social networks like Instagram and others. You might use -one picture which is not so ridiculously oversized in an email. Or maybe you just want to Perfect Cut picture be Used in a blog post or Word document. Whatever your reason, it’s not hard amend Cut of photography. In the meantime, in this guide, you will learn how to resize an image on a Windows 10 PC or laptop without using any online image resizer or app.

Fortunately, with almost everyone photo app around, the Powerful resize Pictures is included. This includes two of most municipalities built on anyone Windows 10 PC from scratch: Photos, and Microsoft Paint.

Remember, however, that there is one contrast between resizing an image to be smaller and resizing it to be larger. Almost any application will be reduce one picture without inconvenience, even pictures, and paint. Do you box find that picture lose a lot clarity if you use these programs on to return a larger image.


What you learn in this guide:

Method 1. Resize an image using Paint

Since version 1.0 in 1985, Paint has be -one Standard of Windows. There’s a good chance you have déjà vu this. The painting opens that the most common file types (BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF and GIF) and gives a very fast image size the solution. To resize an image on Windows 10 using Paint:

Step 1. Open Microsoft painting program. As you can usually find in the Start menu

Step 2. Open the image you want to resize by clicking Sagthen Openthen select the image from your computer files.

Step 3. On it House on the Drawing toolbar, click the tab Resize button.


Step 4. Enter the size for which you want to resize the image. Paint allows you to resize by percentage or after pixels. He uses percentage by default and it’s fine for rough resizing. If you need something specific, switch to using pixels. Click when done OKAY.

resize image windows 10 2

Step 5. Save the new version of your image by clicking Sag so what save as.

resize image windows 10 3

Measuring is a beautiful well resize tool if you only need to resize one picture both and I will not to add any third party Software.

Method 2. Resize an image on Windows using the Photos app

In the Photos app there is a “Resize“Hidden option in the side menu that you can use to change the size and quality of an image. To resize an image on a Windows 10 PC or laptop using the Photos app:

Step 1. Double click image file you want to resize to open in Photos.

Step 2. When it is open, click three points in the upper right corner, then click Resize.

resize image windows 10 4

Step 3. A small pop-up window will appear with three preset sizes for the image. Select one or click Define custom dimensions basically.

How to resize an image on Windows 10 PC and laptop (painting and photos)

Define custom dimensions

Step 4. about”Maintain image formatIs selected, simply change the height or width and the second dimension changes automatically to match it. Click when done Saved copy in resized.

How to resize an image on Windows 10 PC and laptop (painting and photos)

Saved copy in resized

That is it. How to resize an image on Windows 10 PC and laptop without using third-party apps. That is also to note that based on original image size, resize settings may differ. For example, if you has a picture it is already great, he will be Gray out anyone options to resize. And if you have one picture this is too small, possibility to resize is not same open.

Resize choice in Pictures application is currently Easy and it does not have a lot variety. For one occupation or school task, about you must scale images has a determined size is generally better go further Effective third-party application such as SnagIt or But Pictures the app gets occupation made for fast and fundamental resizing.

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