entrance, middle or top of the row … “it’s some shit”

The Nothing phone (1) is broadcast. If it’s a good phone, it does not really reinvent the way of using a smartphone. But is it normal to expect that from a phone? That’s what we’re talking about.

The Nothing phone (1) knows how to stand out. // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

We tested the Nothing phone (1) and we liked it. But as the release approached, an impression came over us: what if we had done too much on this phone? When we write ” we », We mean here the microcosm of tech enthusiasts and all the specialized sites that have been jumping on the tiniest bit of information for months. As the term would have it: the hype was very strong, even perhaps too strong.

Because yes, we are not talking about one flagship like a Galaxy S22 Ultra, Honor Magic 4 Pro or Vivo X80 Pro, but very much a mid-range phone with a mid-range chip, mid-range photo features, mid-range display, materials … in short, you understand the idea.

What says nothing?

Even Carl Pei himself, co-founder of Nothing and former backer of OnePlus, wrote shortly before the launch of the phone on his Twitter account: “Too much ‘hype’ for phone (1) in my humble opinion.”

Too much hype for Phone (1) imho

—Carl Pei (@getpeid) July 9, 2022

At the launch of the telephone in London on 12 July 2022, Frandroidcould ask the young entrepreneur about this surprising phrase.

“I scrolled through my Twitter feed and I could see nothing but Nothing, Nothing, Nothing anywhere … It was crazy. I mean, it’s just a smartphone, it’s not like grass that people can touch outside. There shouldn’t be that much hype for it. “

The commentary on the sentence is therefore as astonishing as the sentence itself. We then asked him if he suggested that buyers would be disappointed with the placement of the Nothing phone in the mid-range (1), which generally does not give rise to such an expectation. There his answer is clearer.

“Middle class, high-end, entry-level … that’s some shit”

“That’s the case. Middle class, high-end, entry-level … that’s some shit. Some people will look at our phone and the first thing they will say is: [il prend un ton déçu] ‘oh, that’s midrange’. Sure, we have a mid-range processor, but we also have glass on the back to name a few. The word middle class is for people who only look at the specification sheet, but we want to be more than that. »

Among our brothers and sisters of Numeramaby the question ” Are you not afraid that the media coverage is too much for a company that has not yet proven anything?, The founder briefly replies that they will be judged on the products and quotes Apple in passing. “People remember that they used good Apple products in the past, so they expect the next Apple product to be really good. That’s why they’re excited about him. So I think for us, above all, it has to be a company that makes good products. »

The big surprise: no surprise

This is certainly evident from reading our test, but the most surprising element of the phone (1) is certainly its lack of surprise.

But during the first event with the presentation of the phone, Carl Pei had promised it“show people that we can change things”. With those kinds of phrases, we were therefore entitled to expect a little more surprises than a simple phone call.

No phone 1
Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

The hype was also driven by another phenomenon. During the days leading up to its launch, we gradually discovered various elements that seemed to be rising and that nothing could explore more exciting paths that could shake us.

More precisely, if we go back a while before its release, four elements can legitimately arouse hype in our eyes:

  • A very original design in transparency with the added benefit offered by the glyph, the name given to the set of LEDs that can be seen on the back;
  • A new OS, certainly based on Android, but coming from a company that claimed just as much Apple and characterized by its connections with OnePlus, there was a lot to expect a lot in terms of fluidity in particular;
  • A design close to the iPhone, which involved a premium finish;
  • The very good value for money at Nothing’s first product, the ears (1), which suggested the same.

If we make the status (calmly) of these four promises (for some, of course, tacit), it is clear that the expectations were actually too high, for no one is really fulfilled.

Not as promised, but still very good

that glyph, if it brings a little hint of novelty, it does not completely change the game, and the same goes for the transparent background. Admittedly, this allows you to have a phone that is unlike any other, but that’s all.

No OS for its part is perhaps the element that best lives up to expectations. The fluidity is there. What bothers us more is that the new OS looks a bit empty next to an Android 12 from, for example, Pixel.

No phone 1
Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

On the design side, the handling, though comfortable, is light years away from an iPhone, especially because of its aluminum edges.

Finally, the price, which starts at 469 euros, very close to the 500 euro mark, seems much higher in the world of smartphones than the 100 euros that the ears ask for (1) when they enter the world of wireless headphones.

Is it really serious?

We may here give the impression of shooting red balls at the phone (1), when in fact we rather enjoyed this phone. We just notice that the hype once again may have been a bit excessive.

What happened is undoubtedly due to the fascination that people have with stories of reversing the situation with “a little” against “fat people“, wayDavid vs. Goliath. A story that Nothing hesitated to press and not entirely wrong. Nevertheless, we must emphasize the tour de force that the launch of a new phone brand from the heart of Europe represents in 2022. This is undoubtedly a good reason to be hyper.

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