Download images taken by NASA’s Web Space Telescope (optimized)

Space discoveries have always aroused the interest of everyone in the world. Whether you like space or not, the discoveries and image results that are published have always made everyone talk. Well, NASA has just published images taken from space by the James Webb Space Telescope, and the images are fascinating.

Now you may ask, what does have to do with space? You can see, the images that have been released by NASA are absolutely amazing and worth using as backgrounds for your devices. And here you can download NASA’s first Web images.

At we always aim to provide you with the best wallpapers for your PC and mobile devices. And when you look at how beautiful these newly released space images look in their absolute high resolution, it would only do justice to set them as wallpapers for your PC and mobile devices. Images will look even better on devices with an AMOLED screen. So let’s take a look at the details of these wallpapers and also see how you can set them as wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Images from NASA’s Web Space Telescope

So far, NASA has released five full-color high-resolution images taken from the James Wess Space Telescope. Here are the details of the five photos.

Note: you can find optimized images in the download section. These are optimized for desktop (3840 × 2160) and mobile (1424 × 2532). However, we will also link to original images in high resolution.

SMACS 0723

This is the first image and it shows many galaxies around this particular galaxy known as SMACS 0723. These are the most distant galaxies. This is an infrared image that took 12.5 hours to make, which is pretty fast. The image can be downloaded by going to this official Space Telescope website (Enhanced images can be downloaded below). Available image resolutions are

  • Full resolution 4537 x 4630 TIF image – 26.7 MB
  • PNG image in full resolution 4537 x 4630 – 28.5 MB
  • 1960 x 2000 PNG – 5.52 MB

WASP 96b (spectrum)

WASP 96b is a hot planet with signs of water, haze and clouds. It was discovered in 2014 and orbits its star every 3.4 days. The only image NASA has released for WASP 96b is a spectrum chart showing you the wavelength of light versus the amount of unblocked light. It’s a cool graphic to look at the millions of particles on the planet. You can consult the table in the heading here. These are the image resolutions available for the graphics

  • PNG image in full resolution 3840 x 2583 – 4.77 MB
  • 1920 x 1292 PNG – 1.47 MB

South Ring Nebula

The Webb Space Telescope has also taken pictures of a dying star in its final phase. The images taken by the telescope of this star are simply unique to look at. The image shows how layers of gas and dust are emitted. It is the second star in the southern nebula. There are two images available, one in NIRCAM and the other in MIR camera images.

Image resolutions from NIRCAM South Ring Nebula

  • TIF image in full resolution 4833 x 4501 – 24 MB
  • PNG image in full resolution 4833 x 4501 – 21.3 MB
  • 2000 x 1863 PNG – 4.37 MB

Southern Ring Nebula MIR Cam image resolutions

  • 1305 x 1133 full resolution TIF – 1.7 MB
  • 1305 x 1133 Full resolution PNG – 1.6 MB

Stephen Quintet

We see the first images of Stephen’s Quintet, a cluster of galaxies. The image is very detailed and allows for more studies of black holes and the evolution of galaxies. You can also see many stars in space. This is an image that would look good on your device’s lock screen. You can check out the picture here. Below are the resolutions available for Stephen’s Quintet.

  • TIF image in full resolution 12654 x 12132 – 150.6 MB
  • PNG image in full resolution 12654 x 12132 – 181.6 MB
  • PNG image 2000 x 1917 – 4.47 MB
  • CamTIF MIR full resolution image 12654 x 12132 – 160 MB
  • Full resolution 12654 x 12132 MIR camera PNG image – 170.6 MB
  • MIR camera PNG image 2000 x 1917 – 4.8 MB

The Carina trains

The final image revealed by NASA to the public is of the cosmic rocks of the Carina Nebula. Now this picture looks great as it makes you feel like you are looking at the brown hills on a bright starry night. You can see the stars scattered all over the palace. This is an image that would perfectly adorn the wallpaper of your home screen. More resolutions are available and you can download them here.

  • TIF image in full resolution 14575 x 8440 – 136.9 MB
  • PNG image in full resolution 14575 x 8440 – 124.7 MB
  • PNG image 2000 x 1158 – 3.33 MB

Credits away from these images go to the following

Image preview

Download NASA Webb Space Telescope Wallpapers

Since the original images are too large, we have optimized these images for desktop and mobile phones. These images can be set as wallpapers for your mobile devices as well as your PC. For mobile devices, download the photos and then open the Gallery or Photos app. Select the image, then select Set as. Here you can set the image as lock screen, home screen or both. To download the images to your PC, simply open the folder containing the image and open it using the Photos app in Windows 10 and 11. Click the three-dot menu, and then select set as. You can choose to set the image as the background.

So now that you have access to these wonderful images, what are your favorites? Personally, I like the pictures of Stephen’s Quintet galaxy taken with the MRI camera. Tell us your thoughts on these beautiful space photos taken by the James Webb Space Telescope.

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