Dark Souls: this book dives into the abyss of From Software’s game

Play news Dark Souls: this book dives into the abyss of From Software’s game

Before the Fire Ring phenomenon, From Software is best known for the Dark Souls trilogy. These games, a real revolution in game design, are as well known for their sharp difficulty as their cryptic universe. A true Bible of Dark Souls first of the name is about to be released soon during the game’s ten years, offering a new look at the rich but nonetheless hard – to – reach world of this game.

The world of darkness

Before Elden RingFromSoftware made a name for itself thanks to the trilogy Dark souls (and before these games, Demons Souls). If we were mainly talking about these titles at the time because of their very high level of difficulty, which stood in stark contrast to today’s video game standards, players were also seduced by their universe. Hard to access at first, it is by digging into its evolution that we discover a world of mysteries and legends.

Dark Souls: this book dives into the abyss of From Software's game

For yes, in Dark Souls there is nothing for nothing. In order to take advantage of the rich and cleverly constructed story of the Souls trilogy, you need to find the story of the game. Whether it’s in the architecture of the sites visited, in the description of the objects, or even in the detour of a line of dialogue offered by an obscure NPC lost in the depths of a dungeon, the narrative passes through many elements. , as you have to go and find out for yourself.

Dark Souls: this book dives into the abyss of From Software's game

As Dark Souls’ fame grew and its community grew, numerous videos, books, and articles began to show the story of Lordran’s world. We are also in France so lucky to be able to count on works by Damien Mecheri and Sylvain Romieu Dark Souls: Beyond Death published by third edition. But today it is a new book that definitively completes the story of Dark Souls, which will soon be offered to fans.

The Abyssal Archives, an absolute must for fans

Written in its entirety by the tab and the Dark Souls specialist Lokey, The Abyssal archive lists most of the knowledge the author has gathered over the years. Far from being a stranger, Lokey also maintains a blog where he lists much of his analysis. We use the term analysis here because in the end Lokey’s work is not official, and even with text in the game, the Dark Souls universe leaves plenty of room for interpretation. The publisher Tune & Fairweather, which is responsible for the marketing of this ditycon, did much to describe these works.

Abyssal Archives is the culmination of many years of research and authorship by Souls veteran Lokey, who combined his understanding of Japanese and his extensive knowledge of Miyazaki’s work to offer a unique take on Dark Souls material. All of this knowledge has been distilled into these two hardcover books for fans who want to deepen their knowledge of Lordran’s tumultuous history as well as each of the characters’ exploits and their different relationships.

Where it gets tough is when it comes to the box. There are three different editions of Abyssal Archives, the first being marketed for 180 euros. The limited edition is priced at 249 euros. Finally, for absolute fans of Dark Souls and Lokey, a “benefactor” edition is offered at a price of 495 euros.

The first edition contains the two volumes of the Abyssal Archive as well as a simple box set. The limited edition is presented with a box and a collector’s bookmark specially designed for the occasion. Finally, the benefactor edition corresponds exactly to the limited edition, but your name will be written in the book.

Each of these editions is accompanied by a detailed map of Lordran, drawn by artist Judson Cowan.
Pre-orders are now open on Tune & Fairweather’s website, for delivery scheduled for early 2023.

Dark Souls: this book dives into the abyss of From Software's game

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