World tour in the countries where Citroën Ami is a hit

No insult to some, the Citroën Ami is a huge success and sells like hot cakes. Since its launch in April 2020, more than 22,400 copies were sold in Europe. The electric quadricycle is suitable for individuals (especially young people) and professionals (with the Cargo version) the new symbol of micromobility.

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Europe is tearing it up

With more than 22,000 sales, the Citroën Ami is well received in Europe.

Many countries in Europe have been conquered by the Friend. This, of course, goes through France, which represents almost 58% of orders, more than 13,300 units sold. In France, ” between May 2021 and May 2022, the quad bike market grew by 9.7%, driven by the arrival of Ami. Registrations increased by 47% in one year remembers Citroën.

Citroen Ami UK

The friend also crossed the English Channel.

It is not only in France that the small cube on wheels tops the charts. It is also a leader in Italy (2e market for the Friend behind France), in Belgium and Portugal. In the UK, the electric car, which has been on the market since May 24, has already registered more than 2,000 pre-orders. The success promises to be there despite the left-wing government!

In Germany, the quad bike is not marketed under the Citroën brand. Opel took advantage of the synergy from the Stellantis group to rename the vehicle in its image and name it Rocks-e. The firefighters at the brand’s factory in Rüsselsheim offered themselves a copy. In Greece, it is the police on the island of Chalki who have chosen to patrol with two copies of Ami.

Opel Rocks-e Citroen Ami
In Germany, the Citroën Ami becomes the Opel Rocks. Apart from the color, the quadricycles are identical.
Citroën Ami Post Portugal
In Portugal, La Poste took possession of the 160 Citroën Ami Cargo to deliver mail.

And as if that fame was not enough, Citroën has decided to turn a blind eye to professionals with a Cargo variant. In e.g. Portugal, 160 Amis with a single seat on board were delivered to the local post office.

Citroen Ami Police Greece
On the island of Chakti in Greece, police received two Citroën Amis.

And in the world?

Citroen Ami Washington

In addition to the old continent, Ami is marketed in Turkey. First opened to professionals, orders were made available last June to individuals. The 50 Amis for sale were sold out in just 25 minutes. The quadricyl has also landed its wheels in the United States and China. But the test has not been transformed … The model is still not present on the Free2Move car sharing site, although the announcement goes back to 2021. Within the Middle Kingdom, the Friend is not offered either. But its appearance has been imitated as the vehicle has been carefully copied by a local company that markets it at the Alibaba point of sale for the price of an electric bike!

Citroën Ami Chinese copy
On the other hand, a Chinese company took advantage of the craze around the French quad bike to copy it and sell it for less than half the price of Alibaba.

L’Ami: ​​the popular new Citroën?

Citroën Ami youth
The electric quadricycle appeals especially to young people. 40% of Ami users are under 18 years of age.

That Citroën Ami would it become a model as popular as the mythical 2CV? It is undoubtedly a mockery of the French car industry to compare the two vehicles they share the same philosophy: that of rethinking mobility. With the 2CV, Citroën’s goal was to offer a cheap, economical car with low fuel consumption. When it was released, the Deuche was sold for 235,000 francs, or just under € 7,000. Offered at € 7,790 (excluding bonuses), the Friend is just as attractive. Being able to drive without a driver’s license, from the age of 14 in France, young people love it. They represent 42% of the users. On the design side, there are the fanatics and the others. If the plastic – it is the case to say so – from Friend resembles that of a container on wheels, the French also made fun of the design of the 2CV at launch. With an original look, Ami hits hard.

Citroën Ami Buggy limited edition
The Citroën Ami also has its limited range. His name: Ami Buggy. All 50 copies were sold out in less than 18 minutes.

It even offers the luxury of taking the name of a historic model from the manufacturer. Finally, as mentioned above, the electric quad bike has diversified to appeal to both private customers and professionals. The producer has even launched (successfully) on the juicy niche of limited series with Ami Buggy. This adventurous and doorless version of the quad bike, offered in only 50 units, sold out in less than 20 minutes.

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