Parents’ tips for keeping their children busy on the road … “We sing songs”, “We play at the little bac”

“When are we coming? The annoying question that children ask their parents at least ten times per (long) drive. Not to mention the tears, the cries, the quarrels after a few hours on the road, which can turn the cabin of the car into hell branch.

However, this stress can be partially avoided, provided you plan them several activities that are able to make the time slip away at full speed. And avoid leaving them for hours and staring at a screen. Romain, father of 4 children aged 4 to 16, puts comfort first: “Since we have a fairly large vehicle, we ask them to settle down with their favorite duvets and pillows (and of course the duvets) to organize a mega fun bedroom at “It works pretty well for the first two hours,” he explains, responding to our call of witnesses.

Books, thinking or creative games

Sometimes it’s the oldest recipes that work. Like taking books with you, like Emilie to her 7-year-old daughter. ‘We get him to pick his books before departure. She fills a small backpack. Of course, that is not always enough. We made her bored. And she ends up inventing stories: We hear her whisper in secret as we front discuss and recreate the world. It is nice ! “.

Planning board games that take time is also a good strategy, as Céline testifies: “I bought Perplexus (balls that contain a marble that you have to move through a maze) for my kids who are 8 and 10 years old. These balls have several levels of difficulty, they can also be exchanged during the journey. Guaranteed occupancy hours. I also gave them a notebook with mandalas with crayons. Emilie never forgets her daughter’s magic painting: “She enjoys drawing pictures or writing short sentences”. Creative games are really a good solution on the road, according to Charlotte Ducharme, coach and author specializing in parenting: “For the little ones, the stickers are highly recommended. They may be told to stick them on their clothes or car seat. It keeps them busy for a while. “

“We play ‘guess what I’m thinking'”

It is well known, music softens morale, even in the car. So Pauline, the mother of a 3-year-old girl, uses and abuses it: “We play songs for children, nursery rhymes or just music that she likes. “We sing songs,” Laetitia says, too. Podcasts are not only loved by adults, they can also save children commuting. As Alexandra, mother of daughters aged 4 and 6, admits: “The journeys were sometimes long, but since we have listened to audio stories, it keeps them busy. We discover it together, and then it allows us to discuss different topics, values ​​… ”For children between the ages of 3 and 8, there is another magical object, according to Charlotte Ducharme:” The story box like the Lunni, which allows you to listen to several after another “.

Car trips are also an opportunity to share cozy moments. And to invent games that Charlotte Ducharme suggests: “You give a word and you have to find a song in which it is used. Another game: “In my suitcase, I took away”. Each traveler quotes an object and the next player must repeat the list without making a mistake. It works on rote learning. Céline is also a fan of road games: “I play the little matriculation exam with my daughters for the oral exam. They like it a lot and depending on the first names chosen it can quickly go crazy! “Shéra, who has 3 children aged 7, 5 and 4, is also addicted to collective games:” I invent visual games for them as ‘yellow!’ : whoever first sees a yellow car on the road wins a point. And we play guessing games. Lydia makes her guess an object in the cabin. As for Emilie, she tests telepathy with her children: “We play ‘Guess what I’m thinking'”.

Start discussions …

The trip can also be a time to take a chat with your kids. “We can start debates: ‘What would you change at home’, ‘Tell me your favorite movie’, ‘What is your best family memory?’ It can give rise to very moving moments or to die of laughter, “says Charlotte Ducharme. And with teenagers who are sometimes quiet, it is an opportunity to take a step towards them:” We can make them talk about their favorite video games or ask them to let us listen to their music at the moment “, the author continues. Or how to turn the travel restriction into an option …

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