Marvel: invincible on Thor? Prove it with our Quiz for the release of Love and Thunder!

news culture Marvel: invincible on Thor? Prove it with our Quiz for the release of Love and Thunder!

MCU released its 29th film with Thor: Love and Thunder on Wednesday. This is the fourth movie dedicated to this divine superhero, much loved by many Marvel fans. To celebrate the release, we invite you to immerse yourself in the universe of Thor comics and movies through a quiz. Are you invincible on the god of thunder? It’s time to prove yourself!


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After Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessa new MCU Phase 4 movie was released last Wednesday. This time, superhero lovers will be able to find Thor with the fourth film dedicated to him, Thor: Love and Thunder. The director of this new opus is the director Taika Waititi, and there we will find most of the usual actors in the Thor saga. As for the story, it takes place after the events ofAvengers: Endgame and before they off Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, films scheduled for 2023, in which Thor will also be honored. But Thor did not wait for the last before embarking on an adventure with the Star-Lords band. After facing Thanos, the god of thunder has really decided to raise a little more space in the company of Guardians of the Galaxy. Far from his former allies, he questions his entire existence and wonders about the meaning of his life. But his existential question has to wait ever since the threat from god broker Gorr causes him to reunite with Korg, Valkyrie and Jane Foster (who also developed forces) to defeat this new enemy. Enough to give new epic battles, as Marvel’s Thor has always done since its inception in 1962.

Thor, a god at Marvel

Let’s go back a few decades. The Marvel universe, especially led by Stan Lee, continues to grow and welcomes new characters. One imagines an entire Pantheon, to which is added a certain Hulk. Supposed to be the strongest and most resilient of all superheroes, his creation ends up posing a problem for the rest of the Marvel universe:

How do you create a character that is stronger than the strongest human being? The thought then came to me: not to make him a human being, but to make him a god.

Stan Lee

This is how Marvel’s Thor was born. A true mythological character, he was transposed to the world of superheroes in the 1960s (although a first failed attempt took place a few years earlier). Son of the Asgardian king Odin and the earth goddess Gaea, Marvel’s Thor was sent to earth by his father to learn humility. Deprived of memories of his divine life, he lives a peaceful life there, until the day he accidentally finds his hammer. The latter awaken some of his powers and his memories, which they immediately use to overcome an alien invasion. Then he decides to live a double life: sometimes doctor in love with nurse Jane Foster, sometimes Thor the superhero god. In his adventures he will face many enemies, but his toughest opponent will remain his own brother, Loki the god of deception. He will also discover the kingdom of Asgård, where he comes from. After the, his battles will swing between terrestrial threat (with the Avengers in particular) and mythological creatures, without forgetting any passages in space. Even today, Thor’s adventure continues through the comics Thor Vol. 6but also in the cinema.

Note, however, that as always, there are differences between the comics and the movies. As for the Thor saga, there are four films: Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok and the youngest, Thor: Love and Thunder. For this Quiz, we are not going to dwell on the movies in particular, but on the entire Thor universe as it is developed by Marvel. Thus, you will find just as many questions about Thor’s character, about his adventures in the comics, and about the films that are dedicated to him. Keep going, because you’ll have to know a ray to prove you’re worthy of the thunder god!

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