How to make money with your car?

According to INSEE, transport is the third largest item of expenditure for French households, behind house and power supply. In some overseas regions like Martinique, it is even the first item of expenditure. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the development of more funds to try to pay off a little on the purchase and use of a car, whether it is maintenance, travel or even sponsorship. Small non-exhaustive list of things you can do to save a little.


Obvious, yet not a reflex for everyone. Some categorically refuse to share their journey with strangers, but it still makes it possible to divide the cost into several equal parts. The point to consider is that it is legally prohibited from making money by carpooling, in France. Otherwise, this is considered a professional driver activity and therefore involves a notified activity, payment of social security contributions, etc. Being caught red-handed exposes the perpetrator to criminal prosecution, so it’s best not to play with the fire. To easily stay legal, the government recommends setting carpool offers at around 0.20 € / km per. passages or less. The insurance company Matmut advises on average to count 0.13 € / km for fuel and 0.10 € / km for tolls. The easiest way is still to go through a platform that connects drivers and passengers, where the most famous here is BlaBlaCar, because the calculation of the journey happens automatically. We can affect it a little, but it is better to stay close to the suggested sum to get peace of mind.

Show ads on your car

It’s less and less popular, but there are still a few platforms like Yocar or Drivader to connect ambassadors and advertisers. Specifically, you allow yours car acts as an advertising medium during a campaign, which allows a brand to gain visibility in exchange for compensation for you. From fifty to a few hundred euros a month depending on the campaign and the size of the stickers attached to the body, there is enough to regain a few deniers when you are ambassador. Opposite to, the conditions for being there are often restrictive: you must have one interesting car for the advertiser (often a newer city car like a Fiat 500 or a Mini), whether the latter is in good conditionit needs drive daily, large urban areas are always preferred over cities of modest size … In short, you need to have the right profile. However, be aware read the contracts that bind you with an advertising agency or directly with an advertiser, to be sure where you step. And although a sticker on the doors or rear window of a car does not change its gray card or its basic characteristics, it is recommended to inform your insurance company, who might otherwise turn to you in case of an error for having concealed this detail from him.

Rental between individuals

If car sharing is a thriving business, it is also possible to rent cars or vans to private individuals. And therefore of Make some money by leasing your car. Getaround (formerly Drivy), Ouicar, Roadstr … The places that allow this to be done in good conditions are legion, and above all they have the advantage of setting specific conditions to reassure the owners. Any serious site in its approach will, for example, offer insurance through a partner for any rental, as well as assistance in the event of a breakdown. Thus no headache in case of a mistake. We can find all types of cars and vans in these places, from the city car to the SUV, including a couple of fun cars. Therefore, there is none no real limit for brand or model that can be rented, as long as the vehicle in question is in relatively good condition and in order. Proof that the idea has potential, the manufacturer Lynk & Co offers members of its club to rent out their car if they are owners, so users without a car but a member of the club can temporarily rent a car when they need it. It is difficult to assess the potential gain as it varies from rent to rent depending on the duration, the price of the vehicle per. day, mileage, fines for exceeding the mileage package, etc. To know where you are stepping, most sites have a built-in calculator that offers an average rental price. Please note that some approve leasing of vehicles acquired in LOA, but check with the manufacturer that the LOA contract is not restrictive in these terms and that you have a written agreement from the latter. Otherwise, it can quickly become very expensive in case of damage.

Participating and solidarity garages

Finally, when it comes to routine maintenance, it is also possible to save some money. For those who really can not afford to maintain their car in a traditional garage, Solidarity workshops (generally associations) offer very cheap prices against payment of a contribution. Depending on the location, we perform the maintenance there, either even though we know how to do it or we can leave this task to others, but the tools are provided. For people who just want to save labor, or who like to tinker without necessarily having all the necessary tools at home, there are self-garage, which allows you to perform all the routine maintenance of your car (tires, brakes, shock absorbers, oil changes, etc.) thanks to professional tools on site. We simply pay for the time spent using the space. Some structures also offer packages to get help from a specialist over a given period, to avoid pills. The Self Garage website offers a list of brands that operate on this principle DIY.

If these few practices do not revolutionize the ownership of a car, they will in any case make it possible to limit the cost of use, which is not insignificant at the time of petrol to more than 2 € / liter. And if you also want to drive smart every day, do not hesitate to see our list of cars that run on E85 or LPG, which are cheaper at the pump!

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