6 poorly sold PlayStation (PS1) games that did not deserve it!

Play news 6 poorly sold PlayStation (PS1) games that did not deserve it!

It’s a bit like the law of the market! Some games sell very well while others do not. The observation applies to every console, and of course PlayStation 1 is no exception to the rule. Today, therefore, we need to tell you about these titles, which were not commercially successful on Sony’s first console, even though they were worth a detour.


Imagine: in the 1990s being able to travel in a flying car and cross a city à la Bladerunner. A real dream for sci-fi fans ! Such was the proposal from G-Police, an aerial shooting game released in 1997. All with a scenario worthy of Philip K Dick. After a war that led to the dissolution of all the armies | militias set up and government police: “G-Police”. This is how veteran Slater will join the unit to solve the mysterious disappearance of his sister. The software is divided into 35 levels with different missions, where the player is always on board the Havoc, a kind of over-equipped flying car. Funny little detail: G-Police was developed by Psygnosis, a studio that would later give birth to the famous futuristic racing game Wipeout. Like what, you have to start somewhere!

Klonoa Door to Phantomile

While the first 3D platform games began to arrive in the 1990s, some were particularly successful in this leap toward progress. This is especially true of Klonoa Door to Phantomile, developed by Namco and released in 1997 on PlayStation 1. A title that has the special feature of not offering an open three-dimensional setting (like Super Mario 64 for example), but staying on a 2D plan, but plays on a depth effect. The Klonoa hero can therefore, thanks to a ring, capture the enemies and swing them in the foreground as well as in the background of the scene. Enough to offer interesting puzzles and bosses, which was also noted by the JV press of the time. But unfortunately aswriting Game cult, the title will meet “more critical than commercial success”. Klonoa will have a remake in 2008.


Although we do not know the exact number of sales of Policenauts, we can tell you that it has never had worldwide success as it was never released in Europe! It must be said that it is a spiritual sequel to Snatcher – another first-person still-picture adventure title that did not reach around the world either. But Policenauts remains an interesting software to approach because it was directed by the great Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, Death Stranding). Here we follow the adventures of Jonathan Ingram, a former member of a unit responsible for the safety of a brand new space colony. But an accident caused it to sink into space. “Twenty-five years later, Jonathan is found asleep in his cryogenics module. Becoming a Detective at Home (…) a series of events will force him to return to Beyond (the colony he was to protect, editor’s note) to meet a world that has evolved without him, ”we wrote in January 2015.

  • Release Date: 1994 (Japan)

Blood Omen Legacy of Cain

You probably know Soul Reaver Legacy of Cain, an action-adventure game that left its mark on PS1 players and was a huge commercial success. Well before, much less known, there is the Blood Omen Legacy of Cain – which is therefore located in the same universe as this Soul Reaver. The sale of this game is quite controversial. A source mentions 320,000 units, while developers expect 2 million (while another source cites 250,000) “This game had it all” writes The Gamer anyway. “It was hard, but not too much. It had great graphics, sound and gameplay. Above all, it’s fun.” A “hidden gem” that can still be discovered today. Here you take control of Cain, a young nobleman , who is offered the choice of revenge by a Necromancer, after being murdered by briganders.The man is then a vampire whose fate will be mixed with the fate of the world.A good program!

leaping flash

We talked a little earlier about a technical demo and a platform game: our next candidate is a condensed version of the two! In 1995, Jumping Flash offered the player the role of a robotic rabbit capable of making huge jumps – to crush enemies in the process – even firing carrot-shaped missiles. The action takes place in first person in full 3D settings! In the 1990s, it was unheard of at the time, simply because it was first real three-dimensional platform game video game (Super Mario 64 came shortly after and was many times more successful). Therefore, if you are a fan of the genre, it is an inevitable of the genre. Still, according to The Gamer Media, Jumping Flash would have sold only 50,000 copies in North America. Here is a wrongfully recognized pioneer.


We end with another – and last – platform game, unfairly forgotten and condemned for the blame for a less commercial success, Tombi. In this colorful platformer you play as a hero with colorful hair and a giant appetite. Its special character comes from several points: first, its little scenario, filled with humor, where pigs come to wreak havoc while this dear Tombi spends quiet days (there are even really endearing side characters); and we must not forget the gameplay based on a whole system of quests, not common for games of the genre ! Thus, there are weapons, clothes to be found in addition to new skills and power. There is even a whole depth game inside the runways, giving Tombi the opportunity to jump between the planes. In short, it’s worth it!

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