Threatened by TikTok, Instagram is trying everything

Since their inception, social networks have experienced a dazzling triumph among young and old.

Tag Instagram, launched in 2010, founders’ ambition was to offer their users a platform specialized in photo editing and sharing. A tactical choice that then made it the most downloaded network and thus became a marketing reference for promoting brands or personalities.

But as expected, the rules and trends of social media evolve over time, and major competitors who are well aware of the recipe for success are easily imposing themselves in the daily lives of consumers.

This was demonstrated by TikTok. Since its launch in 2016, the application has been at the center of young people, who not surprisingly represent the largest audience. On funds from Vine and, it hosts short videos associated with music or sound that can be composed originally for the app or by the users themselves.

Faced with this big and highly addictive rival, Instagram had no choice but to change its tune and lead a transition by offering new features that are already popular elsewhere, which is not to taste.

What is Instagram’s strategy in light of the emergence of TikTok?

In this pool of social networks, the war between the two giants Instagram and Tiktok is not new.

Instagram first decided to renew the design of its interface, including introducing a new logo, fonts, colors and other elements.

Then it was in 2020 that Facebook (since renamed Meta), Instagram’s parent company, released a new feature to compete with its biggest rival.

Known as Reels, it is a format of short videos of 15 seconds with added creative effects, and this feature would provide better visibility on the platform. Wheels can be shared on the news feed, via stories or in private message.

Does this tool give you a sense of déja vu? That is the case. Instagram has not invented anything, it is just trying to adapt to the trendsetter Tiktok.

And this year, Meta goes even further in various forms. First, she chose to block videos from Tiktok, which means reposts will not be displayed. Then, for a few weeks, Instagram has even tested the distribution of videos on its website and in full screen.

In May 2022, Adam Mosseri, the platform’s CEO, announced this new interface, with the appearance of his publications vertically. To justify these transformations, he specified that videos on Instagram would already represent 20% of the total time spent on them … which is not at all in the community’s opinion …

In fact, this course change displeases users who see their algorithm completely turned upside down, and their favorite application loses responsiveness, but above all misses the very essence. Instagram was appreciated for its special position as a photo application, but unfortunately it seems that video today is privileged …

However, if these changes have an impact on the visibility of most user accounts, it should still be noted that this allows for the favoring of creators of original content, this is in any case what Adam Mosseri had specified during his’ an interview.

For good reason, any video published in the form of Reels can be taken over by another user, for example to be commented on or retweeted, thus circulating more easily.

Despite the abandonment of its young audience, Instagram can still claim to be a leader in influencer marketing. By focusing on all these improvements, the application hopes to successfully develop its platform and regain the award for the most downloaded social network, although we doubt that the advent of video, at the expense of images, will really be a good idea. .

In our opinion, this is a strategic mistake on the part of Instagram, which has nothing to prove. For the enjoyment of users, it would have been wiser for it to retain its place as a reference photo app and, why not, introduce new editing tools, although in the meantime you can turn to Adobe Lightroom or even VSCO.

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