The Guardians of the Galaxy superhero tree is eligible for its Disney + series, “My name is Groot”!

Disney + announces the release of a series dedicated solely to the adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy favorite Groot. This is news that delights big fans of Marvel superheroes!

Fans of Marvel superheroes, get ready, for the most extraordinary tree in the universe is in the spotlight. In his Baby Groot version, he will experience great adventures that will lead him to grow. The superhero is this time alone in the spotlight for a new series entitled “My name is Groot”. Here you will find the release date for this nugget on Disney + as well as a taste of the content, which promises many good surprises.

“My name is Great”, series about Baby Great’s adventure

Within the popular Guardians of the Galaxy gang, there is an extraordinary tree with even more impressive abilities. The latter won the hearts of Marvel movie fans, especially with its baby version. Baby Groot is without comparison the cutest hero in the Marvel universe.

First, Baby Groot will have to break free from his gang to live his own adventures in the series “My name is Groot”. You definitely recognize this line, as it’s the one that makes up the only words that the Guardians of the Galaxy favorite can utter.

Through five short films, we get the opportunity to follow the wonderful Baby Groots wonderful adventure. This work by Kirsten Lepore announces the journey of a mischievous young tree with the appearance of a child full of innocence. Throughout his growth process, he will attract a lot of boredom over the meetings he has to make.

Actors who want to perform

This series has only one season and promises to be a real success because we still have the very famous movie actor, Vin Diesel. The latter is responsible for dubbing the animation hero, Baby Groot. We will also see characters from Marvel Studios.

For this exclusive series for Baby Groot, the other Guardians of the Galaxy war bands will not show up. This means that the favorite tree for lovers of science fiction and Marvel animation will simply be alone in the spotlight.

What about the content of the series “My name is Groot”

Marvel Studios has also released a poster of the animation that guides us through its content. On this poster, we see Baby Groot enjoying listening to music and wearing sunglasses. We also see two white creatures that would surely be an integral part of the history of the young tree.

The release date of the series on Disney + finally known

Marvel Studios had announced the idea of ​​producing a series of the cutest baby tree in the universe. However, he had announced the start of filming of the animation in early 2021. Internet users were so impatient until recently when the release date was announced.

The animation will be broadcast exclusively and streaming on the Disney + platform on August 10, 2022. It has also been announced that the five episodes of the series will be broadcast simultaneously on the platform. This is news that comes to soothe the hearts of admirers of Marvel superheroes. They will be able to follow Baby Groots journey on the chain without being missed. The expectation is felt, however. “My Name is Groot” certainly has an intriguing story with breathtaking scenarios waiting for us.

It should be remembered after more than a year of waiting that the animation from Marvel Studios will be available on the Disney + streaming platform from August 10, 2022. Platform subscribers will simply be dazzled by what promises to be a masterpiece of science fiction and animated series. Above all, do not let yourself be told about the adventures of the star of the Marvel studios. This is a work that should not be missed under any circumstances.

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