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Racing fans are embarking on a very tight season this year in Formula 1. This is mainly due to the changes in the competition rules that have been applied for this new season, which started in March last year. Once again, Codemasters (now fully integrated with Electronic Arts) was responsible for developing a new part of its franchise in the leading class of motorsport. F1 22 has been available for fourteen days on most platforms and emphasizes life outside the circuits, especially with the possibility of acquiring a luxury vehicle. Nevertheless, does this year’s edition bring enough news to encourage last year’s owners to release the wallet again? The answer in this comprehensive test!


  • Release Date: July 1, 2022
  • Style: Sports and motor racing
  • ESRB / PEGI assessment : E / PEGI 3
  • Developer: Code masters
  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Operating language: Available in French
  • Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S
  • Tested on Xbox Series X
  • Price during the test: 89.99 CAD / 79.99 EUR
  • Official Site
  • Version sent by the editor

Integration of new rules

F1 22 was long awaited by fans of the discipline, because after several years of dominance by Mercedes and RedBull, new rules and cars were introduced. Of course, the new opus developed by Codemasters incorporates this news from the FIA. There we therefore find the renewed cars, the newly designed rules and the drivers and teams from 2022. The title also includes the F2 category, but at the time of writing for this test it is still about the cars and drivers from 2021. An update will be implemented for free in the coming weeks. Once again, I think it’s a shame not to have all the content as soon as the game is released.

Some circuits have also been redesigned and added to this F1 22, such as the new Miami International Autodrome. Among the other content news, we find the Sprint races at the Grand Prix in Emilia-Romagna, Austria and São Paulo. It is even possible to enable this feature in custom modes for any race in the calendar. An addition that may seem trivial, but which adds a bit of strategy.

F1 22

Rather classic modes

The game modes are basically the same with a career mode, season, my team (to create your own team) or online races and championships. In the first case, it is possible to make a career alone or in collaboration. This mode is also available in split screen to play it on the same television. It is up to you whether you start your career in the same stable or as a rival. On the other hand, My Stable mode has undergone very small changes and is virtually identical to last year. The F1 22 does not bring much news, except perhaps for owners of VR headsets. In fact, they can complete their favorite run in virtual reality. An addition mainly dedicated to the most equipped amateurs and to enhance the immersion.

Life outside the circuit

One of the most important new features in this F1 22 relates to the additions to F1 Life. No matter what game mode you need to play, you will have the chance to unlock credits and supercar tokens. Virtual currency can be recovered by reaching specific goals as for several years or via microtransaction. The latter can be used in a store that updates regularly. This time, though, you can fully customize your driver, whether it’s for his outfit off the track or when he’s in the one-seat. Several well-known brands of clothing and accessories have been integrated into the game to express your personality. You even have access to a kind of Hub, which can be customized with furniture, carpets, frames, etc.

F1 22

The other great addition to this F1 Life part is the ability to use supercar tokens to buy luxury cars. Although these can be displayed in several places in your custom hub, they can also be run. The developers of F1 22 allow this year to use the cars you get on the track. You can then take part in challenges or just run the best possible lap on your favorite track. The challenges are also integrated into the Career or My Stable modes to vary the pleasures.

Similar sensations, but successful

The most important thing in a car racing game is the sensations you feel behind the wheel. Once again, the Codemasters developers have done a great job with this F1 22. The feel is certainly similar to the previous games, but remains very true to reality. Again, there are many accessibility options to customize your experience according to the ease you have or even according to your experience. The artificial intelligence has also had some improvements as it more easily adapts to your behavior. It’s rare I notice that kind of detail in annual games, but I quickly found out that my opponents were a little smarter. It is also possible to make the formation lap yourself or turn the wheel to get a pit stop. However, I have some reservations about driving supercars. I found that regardless of model, they all behaved the same. Moreover, the behavior of the car is far too arcade for my liking.

F1 22

New technical problems

I do not usually write an entire section on technical issues in my game reviews. However, F1 22 is clearly one of the exceptions. The title has many more errors than usual on Codemasters titles. Most technical problems occur for no reason during running. For example, during a race, the safety car had to be put in place after an accident. While most single seats drove quietly behind the car, some cars behind me were fined. At first I did not care until the car in front of me disappeared. Seconds later, she is back and lands from the sky directly on another car and gets a penalty. A few minutes later, in the middle of a straight line, my car fell under the track. Even using the flashback feature, it is impossible to avoid the problem that arises systematically, regardless of my position on the court. Of course, the title does not save during the race, and at restart I had to start from the beginning …

F1 22


Despite some promises from the Codemasters team, the F1 22 seems to be suffering from the same issues as other games released by EA Sports. The game brings a little more immersion with, for example, supercars, but these are really anecdotal. Once again, some data from the F2 Championship has not yet been updated and we will have to be patient. Without forgetting the technical problems much more present than before. Fortunately, driving sensations remain the same with improved artificial intelligence. We must also not forget the many accessibility options to achieve pleasure, regardless of our level. There is also virtual reality compatibility, which provides the ultimate experience for owners of this type of device. Visually, the title is also well made. If you own last year’s edition, you really should not expect the big changes.

F1 22

F1 Test 22: Life on and off the field

The integration of the new rules

The addition of sprint races

The possibility of owning supercars

Increased adaptation of our driver

Adding VR mode

The resurgence of the split-screen career

The ability to perform the formation round

The F2 category is still not updated

Driving for arcadey for supercars

Regular technical problems

Get great news

The disappearance of the state of history

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