Le Bourget: Police sprinkle tear gas on a homeless person, IGPN seized

The picture is fierce. Paris police prefecture announced this Friday to seize the National Police Inspectorate after the broadcast of a video on social networks showing a policeman in a police car gassing a passer-by on the street, which is located at a pedestrian crossing. “Once officials are identified, they will be suspended,” the prefecture also said in a tweet.

This video has been posted on social networks in recent hours, but the facts go back to early morning, this Friday, in the town of Le Bourget in the Seine-Saint-Denis on the corner of rue du Commandant Baroche and Avenue de la Division-Leclerc.

So what do we see in this video? This only lasts about twenty seconds. A police car is seen uphill down a street to stop at a pedestrian crossing. There, to the right of the vehicle, a passerby is waiting with his hands full and does not seem in any way aggressive without anyone knowing if they will cross.

A few seconds later, a large cloud of tear gas comes out of the car, from the passenger seat. The victim turns around and brings his hands to his face, cries in pain and collapses. The police car drives off without lingering.

The victim is homeless

The victim is a homeless person. What was noted, in a letter addressed to the prefect of the police (competent in Paris and in the inner suburbs), deputy of the Seine-Saint-Denis Raquel Garrido, published on social networks. The video would have been filmed by a resident. “I believe that such actions by the police are intolerable, especially since this gentleman’s attitude was clearly not threatening,” writes the deputy director of the LFI.

According to the author of the video, interviewed by France TV, this homeless man threw objects at passers-by. It was when a passerby allegedly arrested police that they arrived, gassed him and then left. The author of the video assures that the police did not come back afterwards. According to him, the facts took place on Friday, July 15, around 4 p.m.

The inhabitants of Le Bourget were “disgusted”

Jean-Baptiste Borsali, DVD mayor of Le Bourget, reached by “Le Parisien” on the phone, said on Friday afternoon that he discovered the film at the same time as everyone else. “I was not aware of it, the police did not call me,” he says. Nor has he contacted the sector’s commissioner and ‘is waiting for all the light to be shed on this affair. I can not pass judgment at this time. »

However, he knows that the victim is a known homeless man in the town of Le Bourget: “He had been present for a long time. He was not an evil guy. He made the garbage. People fed him too. He suffered from mental problems. The first judge was also called up by residents who had just seen the video: “They were disgusted to see him scream in pain”.

This is not the first time that the behavior of police officers has been filmed. In April last year, the police headquarters in Paris had already seized the IGPN after the broadcast on social networks of a fight between a BAC police officer and a man in the hall of a building located in Blanc-Mesnil. Another example in February 2021, where IGPN had also been seized when a police officer making an arrest had been filmed with homophobic remarks.

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