In which car park can you park your car at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport?

P0, P1, P6 … It is expensive to reserve a seat in an official car park at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport. However, it is possible to find a space in an “unofficial” parking lot. at more attractive prices located in neighboring towns. Here is the exhaustive list of all the places where you can park your car near Lyon Airport.

It is very expensive to park in a car park at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport. In addition, it is necessary to reserve your place well in advance because they quickly get saturated. It is in this context that an “unofficial” parking business has emerged in recent years, around the airport.

These places are much cheaper, but require the means to be implemented to reach the airport: shuttle, taxi, public transport … Note, the possibility of choosing a valet parking service: the fact of handing over your car at the handover from the airport to a third party . He will make sure to park it and bring it back to you when you return. This optional service is offered by both the airport and other companies.

In addition, the car-sharing company Leo & go has reserved seats near the airport. It may therefore be interesting to take to Lyon-Saint-Exupéry by borrowing a vehicle from this company on a street in the metropolis.

1 / Park your car in an official car park at Lyon Airport

The official car parks are located around the airport. They are designed to reach all terminals on foot in minutes. It is possible to park there from a few hours to several months in full safety: an operational monitoring service is mobilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

▶ P0

PO parking is covered. It is located under terminals 1 and 2, for recommended parking for 0 to 3 days.

Prices : the hour is at 11 € 50, the first day at 29 €, the second at 57 € and the third at 81 €.

▶ P1

This covered car park has the same characteristics as the P0 except that it is operated by the company Lyon Parc Auto (LPA). It is therefore located under terminals 1 and 2, for parking from 0 to 3 days.

Prices : the hour is at 11 € 50, the first day at 29 €, the second at 57 € and the third at 81 €.

▶ P2

This outdoor car park, located opposite Terminal 2, is recommended for 24-hour parking.

Prices : the hour is at 9 € 50, the first day at 23 €, the second at 50 € and the third at 73 €.

▶ P3

The car park P3 is located outdoors near terminal 1 and the TGV station. Recommended parking is 0 to 3 days. In addition, there are 20 electric charging stations available.

Prices : the first day is 24 €.

▶ P4

This outdoor car park is located directly opposite the TGV station. Note that the terminals can be reached in a few minutes on foot. Recommended parking is 0 to 3 days.

Prices : the hour is at 8 € 40, the first day at 23 €, the second at 46 € and the third at 68 €.

▶ P5

P5 is far from the airport. In fact, this outdoor parking lot is designed for long-term parking: from 3 days. Free shuttles change every 15 minutes to take travelers to the terminals.

Prices : the hour is at 8 €, the first day at 22 €, the second at 42 € and the third at 55.50 €, the fourth at 58.50 € and the fifth at 61.80 € against one hundred euros in the other parking spaces .

▶ Operated Alyse Prenium and Ector

This service consists of handing over your vehicle at the drop-off point for your terminal to an officer. This will take care of parking the car in a parking lot. On the way back, the officer is waiting for you at the same time as on the way out.

Prices : about 40 € the first day.

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