▷ 3 reasons not to use a blog for your business

The real concern for new web developers is to know what is the best tool or means to promote their products as easily as possible and without leaving thousands of euros in promotion …

And by doing some research on the internet, we quickly find out that there are several ways to promote products and create a business on the internet.

The most frequently used and most used means by new web entrepreneurs to build an online business is the blog.

On the other hand, very few people use their blog perfectly to promote digital or physical products.

Back to the main question in this article, Why should you avoid blogging for your internet business?

When I started on the Internet, I started with a single page (squeeze page) to collect email addresses to promote a product related to a specific niche.

First, I chose the squeeze page for the simple reason that I did not have the necessary knowledge to create a blog, write an article, and refer to it in Google.

All I did was create a page with a sign-up form, a free report and write a series of follow-up emails to promote my product.

Since everything was online, I went on to promote my page through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Quickly, I made two sales in the same day.

How long do you think it would have taken me to make a sale with a new blog? weeks? months?

Although I own several niche blogs, it is sometimes easier to make money with a single page or a single video instead of making an entire blog that requires months of work without any SEO guarantees.

The only downside is that you can not rank on the first page of Google with a squeeze page. This means that you will not be able to take advantage of the huge free and targeted traffic from Google.

I decided to quote you in this article 3 reasons why thousands of web entrepreneurs do not use blogs and why you should do the same.

Cause 1: Blogging is very time consuming

Blogging takes time

Blogs are growing day by day on the internet and many web entrepreneurs (mostly beginners) are using them to create their internet business.

This is absolutely amazing.

But you should know that the internet has evolved a lot over the last 10 years and the competition is becoming more and more …

If you are hoping to get your blog listed in Google and get enough traffic:

  • You should know that with the new Google updates, you need at least 30 quality articles and more than 6 months of waiting time to be able to reference a new blog.
  • Then you should hope to get on the first page, which is not always easy, it depends entirely on your niche.
  • And then you need to convince people who have come to your blog looking for answers to buy a product.

Blogging takes a lot of time. If you are a great blogger or have been blogging for over a year, please agree with me. And contrary to what we see today, A BLOG IS NOT FOR SALE.

Uh yes. A blog is used to create a community, develop an audience, share your expertise with others.

Spending so much time trying to build an audience … your focus will gradually slide away from the main goal.

I bet many of you are wondering; how many visitors did i get today? What topic will I talk about tomorrow on my blog?

Instead of asking the question, how many sales did I make today? and how to double my sales in the next month.

Cause 2: Blogging only freezes you on free traffic

blog statistics

Whatever you do on the internet, you need to receive traffic. Whether you use a blog, an e-commerce store or a squeeze page.

Also, I do not know a single web entrepreneur who generates paid traffic to his blog. It will benefit you nothing but losing money.

Because you can not spend money on driving visitors to blog posts, you have a small chance of getting 1/100 of your investment back.

Therefore, all blogs rely solely on free traffic through several sources available: references, social networks, forums …

Unfortunately, free traffic takes a long time to develop.

Spending hours and hours writing articles and months waiting for them to be indexed by Google is not really free and can sometimes cost more than you think.

Months of waiting for your first sale can easily make you give up, this is what happens with 80% of web entrepreneurs giving up their project within 6 months.

And even if you manage to monetize your audience, you have no leverage to increase your revenue and you will be limited by your blog traffic.

Cause 3: You forgot the most important thing

internet business goals

In fact, when you use a blog to promote one or more products, you forget the most important thing, which is to generate sales and increase the conversion rate for your entire marketing process.

There are several stages in the sales process before one arrives at the purchase.

The first step is to generate qualified visitors who are looking for solutions to their problem.

Then you need to find a way to gain the visitors’ trust, generally it’s about converting this traffic into a lead by asking for your visitor’s email address.

You therefore need to do more tests on your registration forms, your lead magnet, follow-up emails and the sales page.

And as a blogger, you are 99% focused on the content of your site, on the last article that e.g. talking about the comments on your last Instagram photo of a new recipe.

How many times have you taken the time to know the conversion rate of your blog traffic. Almost never.

Why ?

The first reason is that it will be very difficult for you to track all your blog visitors (even if it is possible), and the second reason is that many do not find it important.

They simply say what it does, as my traffic is free. I do not pay to receive it.

Whereas if you pay for your traffic, you are required to track all visitors and calculate your ROI, and then optimize your sales process.

And when you find the right product and the right sales system, you will only be able to increase your revenue by increasing your advertising budget and not by waiting several months for a few visitors.

Converting a visitor to a lead is the first step before they are converted to a lead.

Therefore, your focus should always be on your sales process and not on the number of comments on your latest article or the number of likes on your Instagram post.

Do not hesitate to give your opinion on the subject by leaving me a comment below.

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