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Season 4 of Shadowlands brings many new features to WoW. We note the arrival of fateful raids, changes to Mythic Plus as well as improved rewards for dungeons, raids and World Boss. Also find information on new achievements and special powers at fateful raids.


  1. Date of season 4
  2. Mythical +
  3. Dungeons and raids item level
  4. Fate attacks
  5. New achievements
  6. The effects of fateful raids

1. Shadowlands Season 4 Date

Shadowland’s Season 4 begins on August 3, 2022 in Europe.

  • Mythical +
    • Mythic + Season 3 ends with the start of maintenance for each region. When the season is over, the odds required to achieve the title ‘Heroic Cryptomancer’ and the achievements will be locked.
    • The title ‘Heroic Cryptomancer’ will be given in the weeks following the end of season 3. Do not use a faction change until you have received it.
  • Raids
    • The “Ahead of the Curve” performance ends with the weekly reset on August 3rd.
    • Several balance changes for the subsequent meetings of the Founders’ Tomb will take place in the coming weeks.
  • pvp
    • PvP season 3 ends at 22:00 before each region’s maintenance.
    • When the season is over, it will no longer be possible to achieve seasonal rewards, titles and rankings.

2. Mythic +

There is a lot of information about Shadowlands Mythic + season 4. Find season 4 dungeons, loot, best classes and specifications, affixes and rewards on our dedicated page.

3. Dungeons and Raids Item Level

Here is the level of items you can collect in the different activities:

  • Dungeons
    • Normal: Item level 236
    • Heroic: Item Level 249
    • Mythic: Item Level 262 (Upgrade Level 1/12)
  • Time Walkers
    • Quest 5 Dungeons: Item Level 291
    • Raids: Item Level 278
  • Fate Raids (a consumable that allows you to improve your items)
    • Raid Finder: Item Level 265-272
    • Normal: Item level 278-285
    • Heroic: Item Level 291-297
    • Mythical: item level 304 to 311
  • World Boss
    • When Castle Nathria is fateful, Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos and Nurgash will offer ilvl 285 items.
    • When the sanctuary of dominion is fateful, Mor’geth will offer ilvl 285 objects.
    • When Founder’s Sepulcher is fateful, Antros will offer ilvl 285 items.
    • World leaders are stronger when they are in their fateful week.

The Great Vault should also drop item levels above 300, possibly 306. More on PvP in the coming days.

4. Fate attacks

In Season 4 of Shadowlandsfateful affix spice up Castle Nathria, the Sanctum of Domination and the Founders’ Sepulcher. While active, meetings will be more complicated than usual, resulting in new rewards as well as a consumable that allows you to increase the level of your equipment.

4.1. Enigmatic cartel dinars and purchase attack items

In Season 4 you will be able to purchase Castle Natrhia, Sanctum of Domination and Founders Sepulcher items from new NPCs located next to the Great Vault:

  • Ko’ropo : Objects from Castle Nathria
  • Så’turu : Objects from the Tomb of the Founders
  • Ta’choso : Subject of the Sanctuary of the Lordship

Not all items are present (see news), but those that are can be obtained with an enigmatic cartel dinner, a new currency which you will find in Fate Raids. To get dinars, you need to perform three tasks:

  • Quest # 1: Kill 30 fateful raid bosses.
  • Quest # 2: Kill 20 Fate Raid Bosses.
  • Quest # 3: Kill 10 fateful raid bosses.

Be aware that there are restrictions. This is because you can only get one kill from each boss per week. Killing the prison guard on Normal + Heroic + Mythic only counts as one. However, you can also kill him in Raid Finder mode, it will count as a kill. Currency will be offered as a reward for each task and you will only be able to do so acquire only three during the season.

The level of items sold will be 278 to 285 depending on the type of item, which is similar to Normal Mode items from Fate Raids.

Currently, defeating 10 fateful bosses a week provides the acquisition of the seasonal limit for dinars in 6 weeks at the earliest. The developers will reduce the number of bosses required on each task so that players instead reach that point in 4.5-6 weeks.

No exact details yet, but after a period, the team will greatly reduce the requirements for all three quests. This way, the first season 4 progression experience is intact, but after a while you will be able to raid a new character or friend without delay. It will be similar to what we experienced with Creation Catalyst.

4.2. Improved fateful raid items

Items from fateful raids can be upgraded, including those you purchased from vendors.

To upgrade an item, you need fateful shards that fall (by 100%) from fateful raid bosses. An upgrade currently costs 20 shards.

5. New achievements

Several new achievements appear in season 4. Each time it’s a matter of killing all the bosses in a fateful state:

  • Nathria’s Fatality (also available for heroic and mythical difficulties)
  • Dominated death (also available for heroic and mythical states)
  • Grave Doom (also available for heroic and mythical modes)

By clearing the mythical Nathria Castle, you will receive the teleport to it. Ditto with the Shrine of the Lord and the Tomb of the Founders. We will also note that there are meta-achievements if you validate the three raids:

  • Validate all 3 raids in normal mode with the fateful affix: Mount Jigglesworth Sr.
  • Validate the 3 raids in heroic difficulty with the fateful addition: the title Hero of fatality.
  • Validate the 3 raids in Mythic mode with the fateful affix: Three spells of teleportation towards the entrance to the raids.

6. Fate Affix Effects

here is fateful affix effects as found in patch 9.2.5 data.

Fateful Power: Chaotic Essence

The opponent has increased power and throws Chaotic Essence during battle.

  • Invokes a chaotic essence that casts chaotic destruction and inflicts 799 cosmic damage on players if it hits.
  • When interacted with, the essence becomes hostile and instead materializes chaotic splinters continuously. These inflict 3 cosmic damage to target players every 0.5 sec. for 3 sec. Once defeated, each is divided into additional motes.
  • After 15 sec. the chaotic essence disappears, giving the players 2% damage, 2% healing performed and 2% absorption effect for 25 sec. This effect is stacked for each eliminated chaotic splinter.

Fateful Power: Spark of Creation

The opponent is empowered and throws the Spark of Creation during battle.

  • Charges a player and inflicts 3 cosmic damage every 1 sec. for 30 sec. This effect is cumulative.
  • When removed, the charge triggers Sparks of Creation at nearby locations that permeate players within 0 yards of strike points. The time increases by 15% for 20 seconds, which increases cast and attack speeds, increases cooling, slower iterations and increases the movement speed by 45%. This effect is stacked.
  • If there is no player to infuse, the spark explodes and inflicts 10 cosmic damage every 2 sec. and 20 sec. This effect is cumulative.

Fateful Power: Protoform Barrier

Strengthens the caster character and inflicts 1 cosmic damage on players every 3 seconds.

  • When removed, this barrier materializes as an attackable opponent and shares a shield with other enemy characters that lasts 15 seconds and absorbs 400 damage. Another device manifests itself, which can be healed to reduce split absorption.
  • Once expired, the barrier explodes, inflicting 50 cosmic damage on all players, then another 5 every 1 sec. i 8 sec.
  • If this effect is interrupted, opponents take cosmic damage equal to the full amount of absorbed damage, and players achieve up to 25% damage, 25% healing performed, and 25% healing performed. Absorption effects for 40 sec.

Fateful Power: Reconfiguration Transmitter

The opponent sees his power amplified and throws the Transmitter of reconfiguration during the fight.

  • Materials itself as an attackable opponent who constantly casts spells and remains immune to damage until the first successful throw or interruption. Successful casts inflict 30 cosmic damage on players. Every 5 sec. the damage from the transmitter increases by 0%. This effect is cumulative.
  • If interrupted, the emitter releases radiation that causes the players 5 cosmic damage.
  • When the opponent is defeated, the opponent provides the players with a force proportional to their energy level, increasing mastery by up to 10, critical strike chances by up to 10%, versatility by a maximum of 10% and avoidance by a maximum of 8.

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