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Recharging is still a good opportunity to take a break.


With the increased selection of electric cars, it becomes easier and easier to go on an electric holiday. But to avoid disappointments, it is better to prepare a minimum of your trip. Experience the anti-kabys advice from L’argus …

On the eve of the big departures, Avere-France (the association that supports the development of the electric car in France) built almost 219 motorway service areas equipped with charging stations, ie 60% of the French areas. A figure that has doubled in the space of a year and which testifies to the increasing use of the electric car on motorways. During the same period, the Ionity charging network, which is very present on the motorways, saw the tolls multiply by 5. An encouraging development, but which does not yet exempt you from taking certain precautions. Argus lists the advice to take the road as calmly as possible.

Order a multi-operator badge

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Not all terminals are equipped with monitors like those on the Fastned network here. Consider the sun visor.


Most new electrical parts are sold with a multi-operator charging mark. Your interest? Allow charging on many terminals without having to sign up for a subscription for each network. They are therefore particularly useful when going on holiday, which requires crossing different regions, all of which have their own services. Be careful though, because not all badges are created equal. Do not hesitate to compare several services, especially on the route you plan to take. You will see some badges open the doors to several terminals and that it is sometimes interesting to set aside its manufacturer’s badge for another service. Another point for vigilance, the tariffs and especially the part that the service takes on your charge. This generally ranges from a few cents to 1 euro, but some services charge a percentage of the cost of the fee, which can increase the bill significantly. Among the recommended names we find ChargeMap, Shell Recharge or Kiwhi Pass.

Use an app to find terminals

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In addition to 80%, there is no point in pulling on the terminal because charging becomes much slower.

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The terminals are often poorly signposted and the terminals are not always easy to find. Fortunately, there are many applications to locate them: ChargeMap, Plugshare, Nextcharge, Chargeprice, etc. But do they have any interest if your car’s GPS already shows you the terminals? In most cases yes, because apps are updated more often and offer additional features such as displaying the terminal’s availability in real time or user feedback that tells you the status of the charging station.

Use a route planner

They allow to have a more or less precise idea of ​​the steps that will be necessary for your journey and allows you to identify the milestones where you need to stop. Available as an application, or sometimes directly integrated into your car’s navigator, they are more or less reliable. The A Better Routeplanner application, also available online, is one of the recommended solutions. It allows precise adjustment according to the vehicle model and its version and provides reliable data despite a somewhat outdated interface.

Also look at the terminals off the highways

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village electric charging station

Many terminals in energy syndicate networks or regional councils are still available near highways.

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Sometimes there are a few kilometers from the fully occupied terminals at a rest stop on the highway a express terminal left in a lost parking lot at the exit of a toll plaza. In general, less well-maintained and slower than the terminals installed in highway service areas, they can nevertheless save you the day as a backup solution. However, caution is still required and we recommend that you inquire about their condition before taking their direction. For this, terminal location applications that have a collaborative component or the customer service number on the network of terminals allow you to get an idea of ​​their status: if there is no message or you can not contact the operator, there is a good chance that the charging station not in operation.
And why not recharge on a Tesla compressor? Since February 2022, the American manufacturer has opened about twenty charging stations for models from competing brands. What to troubleshoot if necessary.

Consider slowing down

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electric car highway toll

Nearly three motorway service areas out of five are now equipped with terminals for electric cars.

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The highway is a bit of an electric car track. The higher the speed, the more their autonomy melts like snow in the sun. The good news is that by slowing down your speed a bit, you can get precious mileage range. It is difficult to quantify this gain because it depends on the consumption of each car, but our autonomy test, on the Renault Zoé for example, has shown that several tens of kilometers range could be achieved by lowering the speed from 130 km / h to 110 km / h.

Consider the load at the destination

We do not necessarily think about it, but more and more hotels, lodges, campsites and restaurants are offering terminals to their customers. It is generally a classic charge, or accelerated, in other words not enough to recharge in 30 minutes but that is not a problem as your car can stay parked there longer. To locate charging stations at the destination, use a location app and contact the property to confirm the charging arrangements.


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