Get your car brought back to better buy a vehicle

It should already be known that not all vehicles are included in the same way. If, for example. is a national brand, the demand for used products will generally be strong. Thus, the recovery of a Renault or another French-speaking manufacturer gives relatively little concern unless you have a “problem” series, as there was several years ago with certain diesel engines for example.

If you have a slightly more “exotic” vehicle, the demand can be low and resale complicated, whether it is for an individual or a professional. Some of these vehicles are still coveted and resale is not a problem.

Overall, 48% of used car sales in 2021 took place according to figures from NGC-Data® between individuals. It is the largest transaction channel in the used market. Sales from professionals to private individuals slightly exceeded 39% of the trade. The rest consists mainly of imports from individuals.

Sales between individuals are the most common. But she may turn out to be a puzzle if we do not take all precautions. Whether you are on the seller’s or buyer’s side, you need a portion of trust in others, but above all, you must respect the legal rules and be wary of offers that are too good. If it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.

The quasi-security of a recovery of a professional

If we do not want to do not want to with the advertisement notice then the agreements to show the vehicle, etc. you can go through a professional. In return, this professional will offer you a recovery price lower than what a person can offer you. But he takes care of everything, and usually, once the vehicle is negotiated, you never hear about it again. Peace of mind which is necessarily paid.

Afterwards, whether it is a sale between private individuals or a resale to a professional, there are a few Tips and tricks to apply to maximize its resale. Already now a car for sale presents itself clean. Small cosmetic defects go better if the car is flashy and just cleaned. This cleaning is outsidebut also interior. Avoid odors that are too strong for interior cleaners.

Next, make sure there is no bulb to be replaced, tired tires or even a missing wheel cover. Also, if the wheel covers are torn, for example, do not hesitate to replace them. These are a few euros, but it prevents your car from being criticized and a drop in rating greater than the price of the wheel covers. Above all, make sure of it the car will start and will be able to be tried without worry. Some stored cars, for example, have weak batteries. A vehicle that does not start on D-day and it is a sale that can fly away. The bad impression is not made up.

Swapped, a good way to negotiate better

If you are considering buying a vehicle after reselling what you have, see if a professional can do it. two birds with one stone : Buy your vehicle back and sell the new one to you. This saves time and allows you to negotiate better. This allows you to delete some of the lower redemption price. The professional will be able to play on two margins (buyback and resale) to set the price.

Regardless of your choice between reselling to an individual or a professional and except in an emergency, take it easy necessarily. Before putting your vehicle up for sale, try to identify the odds that are practiced between individuals. This gives you an idea of ​​the potential price, then it is up to you to give you an acceptable price range. Remember that a professional will necessarily offer you a price during the recycling ads.

The second-hand market represents approx six million stock exchanges per year in France. You will be successful in finding a buyer to swap your vehicle.

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