these 3 mistakes to avoid with your pet in the car

If you are planning to travel with animals by car in a heatwave, here are the mistakes you should avoid to travel with complete peace of mind.

The sunny days are coming back and you might be planning to go on holiday with animals in the car, or just to transport your pet by car for your weekend trips for example. The heat wave, which is currently hitting France, is an opportunity to take a few extra precautions.

In fact, as for their human friends, animals in cars need special attention, especially in very hot weather, to avoid heat stroke: here is mistakes to avoid when transporting animals by car!

1. Lock your animals inside the car

Rule number 1 is to never leave an animal locked in your car in hot weather, let alone in the middle of a heat wave. In fact, it only takes a few minutes for the interior of your vehicle to transform into one real oveneven if you are parked in the shade.

For example, a car interior can exceed 40 ° C, while the outside temperature is only 20 ° C! It is therefore necessary tobring your pet : take advantage of this excursion to stretch your legs, or allow him to do his business.

Let him stick out the window

In hot weather it can be tempting to leave the window wide open: sometimes your pet may have free time for it let your head stick out. This is especially the case with dogs who want to observe their surroundings or enjoy a stream of fresh air. Avoid making this mistake: The wind directed at the eyes or ears of your animal can actually cause conjunctivitis or otitis, and it can also receive a projection of gravel for example.

You can, though leave the window ajar to let the air in, without allowing him to pass his head or legs through it. Use air conditioning if possible maintain a cool atmosphere in the cabin.

Also, if you have a rear seat, do not let your pet sit on the front passenger seat. Yes, while it can be comfortable to sit next to your four-legged friend, it can be the cause of incidents disrupting your driving, or it can be harmful if the airbag is triggered.

Neglect of your pet’s needs

In very hot weather, your pet may suffer from one heat stroke : it is a hyperthermia caused by the outdoor temperature, which is particularly high in summer. It is then necessary to be Watch for signs of hyperthermia or dehydration of your animal: the animal suffers from tremors, convulsions, loses consciousness, produces too much saliva or has forced and accelerated breathing movements … Contact a veterinarian as soon as possible in case of heat stroke.

To avoid the worst it is necessary tohydrates regularly your pet in the car, and to take regular breaks. However, it is strongly advised not to give him food just before departure, but to give him food several hours before: this will allow him to digest properly and avoid the risk of vomiting once in the car.

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