The greenest electric cars according to Bloomberg

The American agency Bloomberg has just launched its ranking of the most virtuous electric cars marketed in the United States. Nearly 35 models are included in this evolving chart, with scores out of 100 plummeting from 71.1 to 27.4.

Carbon footprint in use

To arrive at its ranking, Bloomberg began scientific calculations that take into account the work of the MIT Research Institute. During the life of the vehicle, a share of 70% is attributed to the CO2 footprint regarding the use of the car.

This value takes into account the range of the vehicle in miles, relative to its empty weight in pounds, and with respect to a reference value set to 0.1099. The latter is 10% higher than the range / weight ratio of the most efficient vehicle.

The best is to take as an example the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range, which comes out on top of the podium with a score of 71.1 out of 100. Its autonomy is 520 miles. It weighs 5,203 pounds empty with the battery. As a first step, Bloomberg therefore shares the autonomy with the weight: 520 / 5.203 = 0.0999423.

This result is again divided by the reference value 0.1099. Which gives 0.909393. And to get the share of 70%, multiply that number by 0.7 and then by 100. So: 0.909393 x 0.7 x 100 = 63.65751.

Carbon footprint in production

To determine differences in production’s CO2 footprint, Bloomberg focuses only on the battery. Provided the other elements are not going to play a big role. ” A wiring harness, for example, takes about as much resources in making a Ford Mustang Mach-E as it does in making a Mini Cooper SE. “, Explains the US agency.

Based on this shortcut, the CO2 footprint in the design, reduced to the package, weighs 30% of the vehicle’s service life. A new fixed reference value has been calculated: 29.34. That’s 10% less than the kilowatt-hour energy capacity of the smallest lithium-ion battery on board an electric car marketed in the United States.

Bloomberg Green Rating

This figure is divided by the actual capacity of the model being evaluated (118 kWh for the Lucid Air Dream Edition series). So for this car, 29.34 is divided by 118 equals 0.248644. The weighting is obtained by multiplying this value by 0.3 and then by 100, giving 7.45932.

To know the note of a car, it is finally enough to add the 2 values. That is 63.65751 + 7.45932 for the chosen Lucid Air, ie 71.11683, rounded up to 71.1.

With large seal strokes

The chemistry of the battery, the origin of the cells, their lifespan, which also depends on the temperature control system, the place of manufacture, the actual efficiency, the repair possibilities of the packages and their recycling, etc .: all this information, which is nevertheless important in determining the classification of electric vehicles virtuous to the worst student, is completely zapped.

With only reliance on greenhouse gas emissions, autonomy is only taken into account according to the weight of the vehicle and the energy capacity of the battery. In theory, models with small packages should be preferred. The Lucid Air Dream Edition series coming first proves the opposite.

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There is still a small advantage to relying on battery autonomy, empty weight and energy capacity, that is, the classification, however perfect it may be, could be valid in France, in Europe and elsewhere … if there were no others models of electric cars in these areas.

This work is not useless, but it would require completion, and in particular to receive a name other than ” Green location “. For example, there is no justification for the space each of the models occupies. We find something for Lucid Air with its aerodynamics and the efficiency of its engines. But this comment is far from the rule.

Tesla adjustment

If Tesla is not at the top of the Bloomberg rankings today, the manufacturer was a few days ago before the introduction of the Lucid Air Dream Edition series. This shows that this table is scalable.

In addition, the agency warns on the production date of this article that there will be future introductions during the current year 2022. These are Audi A6 e-tron, Nissan Ariya, Cadillac Lyriq, Fisker Ocean, Audi Q4 e-tron and Jeep Wrangler Magneto EV . In total, more than 25 new electric cars were to be added to the rankings by the end of 2024.

Bloomberg Green Rating

Three Teslas are in the top 5 by limiting each model with its highest rated declination. These are the Model 3 Long Range (2nd; score of 66.7 out of 100), the Tesla Model S Plaid (3rd; 61.8) and the Tesla Model Y Long Range (5th; 58.8).

The Chevrolet Bolt squeezes into a 4th place with a score of 59.5. The Korean group Hyundai comes first next and breaks the line of American cars: Hyundai Kona Electric (6th; 58), Kia Niro EV (8th; 53.3) and Kia EV6 (9th; 52.3).

European premiere in 11th place

The first European electric car comes in 11th place. This is the BMW i4 (51.6 / 100). We are in the US market with this location. So no Renault or model from the Stellantis group.

Among the electric cars we know of in France, there are also Hyundai Ioniq 5 (12 .; 50.5), Volkswagen ID.4 (15 .; 49.8), Mini Cooper SE (16 .; 49.3), Nissan Leaf (18 .; 49), Mercedes EQS (19 .; 48) …

The Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan open the section that brings together the least efficient electric cars, with a score below 40. But there are 3 American pickups that stand in the red light: Ford F-150 Lightning (33/100), Rivian R1T (30.8) and GMC Hummer (27.4). We can not wait to see how the Tesla Cybertruck would fare against them.

Source : Bloomberg

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