the crazy sedan in the 30s

A 150 horsepower DS7 worth several million euros? Nothing to do with the French SUV! This DS7 dates back almost a century and is one of the first versions of the Maybach Zeppelin, a sedan with incredible features!

It’s for the German count Ferdinand von Zeppelin that we must the invention of the airship who shall bear his name. These airships, used by the Germans before and during World War I, were so successful that the real name Zeppelin was finally used to qualify all airships. But then what is the relationship to the car? Engine used! Several 300 horsepower Maybach engines thus made it possible to move the tens of tons of an airship by more than 100 km / h.

Special permission

It was as a tribute to these famous airships that Maybach, who was also a carmaker, decided to take over the name Zeppelin in the late 1920s, almost 100 years ago. This name indicates a giant luxury car of about three tons. A lot so high that German motorists had to have a special driver’s license to drive it. A bus pass to drive!

7 liter V12

It must be said that under the bonnet there was a giant engine 7.0l V12 which only produced 150 horsepower. If it might not seem like much these days, at the time, then it was nonetheless very honorable values. He was also very refined and satisfied his passengers withsilence that suits a car of this rank. In addition to this engine, the Maybach Zeppelin also had a fantastic eight-speed semi-automatic gearbox. A rarity at the moment, which brings it even closer to the DS7 from the 2020s.

DS7 and DS8

Historically, Maybach Zeppelin never officially bore this name, although it has been inherited for posterity. In 1928, the car was simply christened Maybach 12. A year later, the model changed its name to stay DS7 while the logo Zeppelin took place between the headlights.

8 liter V12

Finally, the DS8 appeared in 1930 and took the features of this incredible model even higher. that V12 engine thus passed to an engine capacity of 8 liters, to obtain a force of 200 horsepower, making the beast one of the most powerful cars of all time. Despite the colossal weight, the performance also increased with some skilled versions. to reach 170 km / h.

21 o’clocke century

When the Maybach brand was briefly revived at the turn of the century, the Zeppelin term was again used to describe the most lavish models. As for the genuine Maybach Zeppelin from the last century, its value is of course very important in the used market. For example, a DS8 Roadster was awarded for 1.3 million euros in 2012. And since then, the rating of the most beautiful models has increased even more!

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