The 8 most beautiful roads in France to take by car

The holiday season has arrived! Why not take the opportunity to discover the country by car and explore France’s sublime landscapes? Mountains, valleys, the sea … France is full of breathtaking places! has selected 8 of the most beautiful roads in France to drive. With car !

1 / Lavender squares

The lavender roads offer exceptional landscapes, full colors and scents ! They extend over almost 1000 kmcrosses Drôme, Vaucluse, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Alpes-Maritimes.

On your way you can even stop to visit workshops, museums and distilleries that offer craft products.

One tip: To get the full benefit of fragrances and colors, take these lavender routes between June and August, because it is during this period that lavender blooms in Provence.

2 / Loire slot windows

Seam Slot

Immerse yourself in the history of France by taking the route to the Loire Castles! Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Blois … This road will take you to many emblematic castles from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. You can start your journey from Nantes and pass through Angers, Tours, Blois and Gien.

During your trip by car you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the sublime landscapes of the Loire, a region built in World Heritage by UNESCO since the 2000s.

3 / Napoleon route

To continue with a historical note, why not borrow one emblematic itinerary for the history of France ?

As the name suggests, this is the famous route the emperor took in 1815 after fleeing Elba, Italy, where he was in exile for 10 months. To reach Paris and regain power from the hands of Louis XVIII, Napoleon left Golfe-Juan on the Côte d’Azur, via Grenoble.

Besides walking in Napoleon’s footsteps, you can also admire the magnificent mountain landscapes and valleys over almost 324 km.

Officially named “Route Napoléon” in 1932, it is also known as Route Nationale 85 or RN85.

4 / Alsace wine routes

Alsace wine route

Wine lover? This route is for you! Next a course of more than 170 kmThis route allows you to taste a wide range of Alsatian wines such as Pinot Blanc, Muscat or Chasselas.

Along the way you will find vineyards, but also typical villages in the region with half-timbered houses and castles.

Please note: remember that it is dangerous to drive a car after drinking alcohol. So if you have been tempted by a tasting of Alsace wines, do not sit back behind the wheel right away!

5 / The road to the great alps

Head towards the Route des Grandes Alpes to head into the high mountains! span almost 720 km, this mythical road will take you from Nice to Provence, to the Alps. You can admire the highest passports such as the Cime de la Bonnette (2,802 m), the Col de l’Iseran (2,764 m) or the Col du Galibier (2,642 m).

You will also encounter several nature parks such as Vanoise and Mercantour. The opportunity to dive into the heart of nature!

6 / The route of the Megaliths

the route of the megaliths

Brittany is full of megaliths, these stone constructions date from prehistoric times and fascinate many people. By leaving in Morbihan region, from Carnac, you can discover menhirs, dozes and tumuli while enjoying the fresh air of the sea shore. The megalithic route will also take you to other places such as Locmariaquer and Arzac.

7 / Ryggevejen

Discover it Verdon Canyon, one of the deepest in Europe, take the Route des Crêtes, which starts in the village of La Palud sur Verdon! In all, these are almost 14 lookout posts running along the road and overlooking the natural gorge on 24 km. You will thus have a magnificent panoramic view of the cliffs.

And with a little luck, you can even see vultures flying over the Gorges du Verdon!

8 / The Three Corniches road

The Trois Corniches road connects Lovely by Menton, at the Italian border. As the name suggests, it brings together three routes of different heights:

  • The Lower Corniche which runs along the coast;
  • The middle Corniche which overlooks the seaside resorts at Basse Corniche;
  • Upper Corniche which offers magnificent panoramic views of the Riviera.

The opportunity to enjoy unique panoramas!

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