is it better than a used one?

Renovation has recently emerged in the computer world. It is now used for cars, especially due to the lack of new cars due to the crisis in the supply of semiconductors.

An answer that comes more and more from the manufacturers after agents have started offering this service.

The goal is to offer a refurbished vehicle to reassure motorists who must have warranties on the used vehicle.

The vehicles are technically inspected and only the necessary elements are changed. Photo B. Jouvin

Renovation, an economical solution

The various stakeholders have set themselves a precise framework: vehicles between one and five years old, the market segment is currently experiencing rapid growth.

They will be able to rely on vehicles returning from long term rentals or rentals with the option to buy and which have the advantage of having a low mileage.

And sometimes purchases from individuals. It is a commercial argument that can convince demanding buyers about vehicle monitoring or people who want quality without using the price again.

A professional approach

Renault has a “Factory VO” installed in the Flins factory. 180 options are processed per. day; the goal is to put the car up for sale as soon as possible, the repair is carried out in 8 days instead of 21 on average.

The cost of renovation must be more economical than those performed by a garage. A way to enable the distributor to maintain its margins.

Factory VO works on behalf of third parties; the vehicles belong to the dealer who selects them by setting a maximum cost of operation; they are then sold under the brand name “Renew”.

Stellantis develops Spoticar

Located in Hordain in northern France, the Spoticar site has a 6,000 m2 workshop and 15,000 storage spaces.

This multi-brand center currently has a capacity of 100 cars per day with a team. Static and dynamic expertise of 100 checkpoints, mechanical and aesthetic preparations, the prepared vehicles meet the manufacturer’s quality standards.

Spoticar owns the vehicles and the fleet is used by European distributors to market.

After the mechanics, any painting work is performed.  The car is then cleaned before going to the recording, which will allow the ad to be posted.  Photo B. Jouvin

After the mechanics, any painting work is performed. The car is then cleaned before departure for the recording, which makes it possible to post the ad. Photo B. Jouvin

The benefits of the formula

The various players (Aramis, Auto Hero, Renew, Spoticar) offer warranties of up to five years and one year on replaced parts.

Aramis thus offers a 12-month or 15,000 km warranty, whichever comes first, against any mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown of a set of wearing parts and consumables.

In addition, all expenses for maintenance and overhaul are covered during this period. It is also possible to test your car over 1,500 km for a maximum of 14 days thanks to the “Satisfied or Refunded” option, especially at Autohero (up to 30 days at Aramis).

Avoid unpleasant surprises

By reminding that the refurbished vehicle benefits from technical expertise, a review of mechanics, a restoration of body and paint and a complete cleaning, the professionals in the renovation work play above all in securing the purchase of the individual to avoid unpleasant surprises.

You can make your choice online; professionals offer a large selection of models. Clicking on an ad gives you access to properties and funding; Rent with the option of purchase is one of them, in addition to conventional credits.

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