Video editing: our selection of applications for iPhone and Android

We offer you a small selection of applications to facilitate the editing of videos on your smartphone. Whether for Android or iOS, these apps are all alternatives to the basic features of your device.

After conquering its noble letters in photography with increasingly sophisticated modules, increasingly advanced algorithms and an anthology of third-party applications that allow us to play fully with our images, smartphones now also offer us a complete video experience.interesting.

They film almost all in 4K or even 8K and allow the recording of slow motion sequences at 120 fps and even more. They have effective stabilization and various “cinema” -orient recording modes. Real mini cameras!

At times, especially with social networks, video has taken over the still image and it is necessary to show talent for instruction and editing to be successful with its reals or others stories.

To support you, we have selected a small list of apps dedicated to video, and especially for editing, a crucial and not necessarily easy step.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, as the application stores for Android and iPhone are overflowing with suggestions of this type. Also, do not hesitate to share with us the apps that have your benefits in the comments to this article.

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