pCloud celebrates July 14 with a new exclusive plan (valid for life)

If your mobile phone’s memory is always full and it is almost impossible to get rid of the images stored on it, the best solution is to opt for a cloud service. This dematerialized method of file storage is secure and more convenient than physical media such as external hard drives and USB keys. However, to take full advantage of the benefits of online storage, you should not choose any provider.

One of the best alternatives to Google Drive and Dropxbox is pCloud. This Swiss provider offers everything you need to store your data and have it at your fingertips on all your devices, with top security. Before you tell us more about the pCloud service, you can already discover its offerings. In fact, on the occasion of National Day, the price of its lifetime passport is being downgraded.

In a few hours you can enjoy it from -75% right here:

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pCloud: the best way to store and manage your data online

To make your life easier, pCloud offers a compatible multi-media service. Your space is therefore accessible from the web platform in a browser and via applications for PC (on macOS, Windows, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android). The interfaces are refined, intuitive and translated into French, so it is very easy to navigate.

You will be able to store all your multimedia content and office documents wherever you are, and then find them in seconds on all your devices thanks to automatic synchronization. Note that the desktop application (pCloud Drive) is particularly useful because it increases the available space on your computer while at the same time being available as if the data were stored locally.

And to send your files to your family or colleagues, pCloud has provided a very intuitive sharing feature. With just a few clicks, it generates a link so you can share a folder or file with others. Recipients do not necessarily have to have an account with pCloud, which is more convenient. It is a very good way to transfer video content without losing quality.

If pCloud is recommended, it’s primarily because it guarantees users’ privacy. In addition to encrypting your data during transit and after, at rest, it replicates them to five servers in different locations to minimize the risk of loss. Its data center in Luxembourg also complies with European data protection standards (GDPR).

Finally, pCloud has everything a great cloud storage platform should have: privacy, data synchronization, automatic backup, easy file sharing, recovery of deleted data and even a built-in music player to listen to your favorite tracks. And these are just some of the features offered to the users.

Now is the perfect time to adopt pCloud

It’s easy to become a pCloud user and start freeing up space on your devices: Just sign up for free to get up to 10GB of storage with just a few steps.

If you need more space, pCloud offers other options with a monthly or annual subscription as well as a lifetime plan where you only pay once in your life to enjoy the features of the platform. . And it is this formula that is at issue here.

To celebrate July 14, pCloud is launching extraordinary campaigns on its lifetime plans:

Impossible to find a better quality-price ratio than at pCloud at the moment. Nevertheless, if you are not 100% sure, you should know that a 10-day money-back guarantee applies to its offer. You can therefore test the service without risk and more calmly.

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