Nokia is reviving three iconic phones and announcing a tablet

Nokia brings these three iconic phones back to life HMD Global continues to bring iconic Nokia phones back to life. The brand announces Nokia 8210 4G, Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and Nokia 2660 Flip. A T10 tablet will also fill the rows of finches.

We decided to tell you about a time that people under twenty do not know. In the early 2000s, Nokia ruled supremely in the mobile phone market and will occupy this position as the world’s leading manufacturer until 2011. During this period, Apple unveiled an exciting iPhone in 2007, and an operating system called Android will begin animating “smartphones”. Behind the success of these brands lies the roaming internet turnaround that Nokia missed and which will make it miss out on smartphones.

Since then, the brand has changed hands, without reviving its former glory. She found a show anyway stability with the Finnish company HMD Global. Founded by former Nokia executives, it has put Nokia back on the smartphone card … and has phones. The company continues to surf its image and regularly revives models that have shaped its history. The most iconic cases are 3310 and 8110, the latter of which remained famous for its appearance in “The Matrix”. In 2022, Nokia recently invited us to the presentation of three new iconic phones. here is Nokia 8210 4G, Nokia 2660 Flip and Nokia 5710 XpressAudio.

Nokia 8210 4G: it’s back … with 4G

A newcomer to the “Originals” family, the Nokia 8210 4G occupies the main lines of… Nokia 8210 launched in 1999. This new iteration resumes his elder’s style, continues to focus on sustainability with a touch of modernity. That The 4G and VoLTE feature is emerging to accompany one 2.8 inch screen. The manufacturer promises an “intuitive” user interface and “several weeks” of battery life.

For this there is a removable battery of 1,450 mAh. The phone has a micro-USB port and a 3.5 mm connector.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio: a classic phone … with integrated headphones

More surprisingly, the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio finds its inspiration on the side of the Nokia 5310. HMD Global, reminiscent of being “Nokia’s house”, adds a more powerful battery, dedicated audio control keys and wireless headphones. The latter, removable, is placed under a slider on the back of the phone. They can thus be recharged and easily accessible to the user. With a focus on sound, the phone promises powerful dual speakers.

© HMD Global

Technically, it comes with a 2.4-inch screen in QVGA definition (320 x 240 pixels). A 1450 mAh laptop battery is also available.

Nokia 2660 Flip: a clamshell model for seniors

Generation Z discovers the flip phone with folding models from Samsung or Motorola. But the “flip” phone has already marked another generation in the 2000s. Nokia had not missed the boat by offering the Nokia 2660 and this model is back. Soberly called the Nokia 2660 Flip, it takes up this format by betting on very accessible features and a “large” screen (2.8 inches in QVGA and 1.77 inches in QQVGA). The smartphone is also designed to be compatible with hearing aids, which can make it possible to appeal to seniors. It also has a dedicated emergency button so it can alert five contacts; so they can make sure help comes. The manufacturer also highlights its “excellent autonomy” and promises several days away from the charger (1,450 mAh battery).

Nokia 2660 Flip
© HMD Global

These three devices have very basic data sheets, far from the smartphones that have flooded the market for ten years. It aims for users looking for a basic phone that gets to the point ; or who wants to escape the trend “always on” or always connected. HMD Global claims to be the market leader in feature phones by 2022, a market that would represent one billion dollars.

Nokia T10: a new available tablet is approaching

In addition to phones, HMD Global formalizes a new tablet. The T10 comes several months after the T20 and is meant to be family-friendly with its 8-inch format and an “affordable” price. Its manufacturer promises versatility with this tablet, which is intended for basic use: video calling, viewing multimedia content or even an additional display feature. For the little ones, the Google Kids Space feature is available.

HMD Global does not dwell on the features of its tablet. We can confirm that Nokia T10 has a 8 inch HD screen and one Unisoc T606 processor. So do not expect a monster of power with this tablet, which should still offer good autonomy. Nokia T10 has one 5100 mAh battery, however, limited to 10W (5V / 2A) charging. It is available in a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage version; or 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage space. The slate offers a face recognition feature as well as wifi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It adds a 3.5mm connector and a USB-C port.

Launched under Android 12, it will experience two years of Android updates and three years of security updates. It benefits from Android Enterprise certification and includes a Nokia Flip cover.

Price and availability

that Nokia 8210 4G available in blue, red and sand. It comes on the market at a price € 79.99. that Nokia 5710 XpressAudio available in white / red and black / red, with an introductory price of € 89.99. Finally Nokia 2660 Flip appears at € 79.99 in black, blue and red.

This is stated by HMD Global the price of the Nokia T10 is not yet known. Keep in mind that the Nokia T20 was billed at 229 euros when it was launched.

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