In the spotlight: a snapshot showing the universe as it was thirteen billion years ago

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The first image from the James Webb telescope gives a leap into a very distant past. It was unveiled Monday night by US President Joe Biden and appears on the front page of the entire country’s press. ” This snapshot shows us the universe as it was thirteen billion years ago », the caption New York Times. The picture is magnificent: you can see bright points in a cross – these are the stars in our galaxy – and simple bright points that represent thousands of galaxies and therefore tens of thousands of billions of stars. ” This is the deepest look yet at the past of our universe “Explains the newspaper, quoting the NASA chief:” We will be able to answer questions whose content we do not yet know. This technology can determine if other planets are habitable “Joe Biden’s comment, a simple” Wow ... followed, later, in a page by a question: I wonder how the press behaves on these other planets “.

that New York Times details of course the technological achievement achieved by NASA engineers thanks to the most powerful telescope ever designed, but in the United States politics is never far away, and according to the newspaper, the revelation of this image is timely for the guest in the White House: She wants to arouse Americans’ wonder and pride at a time when her popularity is in free fall due to rising food and gasoline prices, and questions about Joe Biden’s inability to fight for weapons and for the right to abortion “.

Uber folder : the whistleblower identified

The man who provided about 124,000 internal company documents to Guardian his name is Mark McGann. He was hired between 2014 and 2016 to oversee Uber’s lobbying business in forty countries. ” I talked to governments, I pushed for the offensive in the media, I was the one who ensured that the rules had to be changed because the drivers would benefit from it and because it would provide many economic opportunities. “, he declares, before explaining that his remorse eventually made him reveal the truth:” We actually sold people a lie. How can I have a good conscience if I do not stand up and take responsibility for my contribution to the way people are treated today? ? “, he wonders before he finishes:” Morally, I have no choice. I should have tried to stop this madness “.

Mo Farah, one of Britain’s greatest athletes, reveals his past

I was a victim of human trafficking and I was treated like a slave “, title The times under the image of four-time Olympic champion in the 5000 and 10,000 meters. The newspaper takes confidence in a documentary that will be broadcast on Wednesday by the BBC channel. Mo Farah says he arrived in London via an underground network when he was nine years old and was entrusted to a couple who abused him. ” I rarely saw the husband, but the wife forced me to cook, clean and look after her children “, he says, ” I locked myself in the toilet to cry The athlete, who was knighted by the Queen of England in 2017, has been warned that these revelations could lead to his expulsion from the territory because he admits to having lied to the authorities about his background and identity. the newspaper contacted the Ministry of the Interior: no action will be taken against Sir Mo. “, The authorities replied.

The summons of the Canadian Ambassador to the Ukrainian authorities

that Globe and Mail sets aside a column for it on the front. The convening of the Canadian ambassador to Kiev was announced by President Zelensky in his speech last night. Ukrainian authorities accuse Canada of approving the delivery to Germany of a turbine needed to maintain the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which carries Russian gas to the country, despite sanctions against Russia. ” A supply which Kyiv considered unacceptable but essential to allow the arrival of hydrocarbons in Germany Explains the newspaper.

The German press also returns to the episode: ” The government says it is relieved that Canada has paved the way for the delivery of the turbine “, Narrator The world, which explains that this measure does not eliminate all concerns. ” The maintenance work on the pipeline has begun and usually lasts about ten days. But fears of a definitive halt to gas supplies are high. Germany can easily slip into a gas emergency. “Asked by the newspaper, the chairman of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce details:” If Nordstream 1 remains empty, there is a risk that the gas supply to many companies will be completely or partially interrupted. Then the production of these companies stops “.

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