EcoRéseau Business – Quickly understood on July 13th

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Flight shortage: 25,000 flights canceled, half in Europe • Lack of staff, repeated strikes … Air traffic will be significantly disrupted this summer. Airlines have already pulled 25,378 flights from their schedules in August in the past week, almost 60% of them in Europe. According to the organization Cirium, the Turkish Airlines company is on the initiative of the largest number of cancellations, 4,408 aircraft have been removed. Half to Istanbul, and a quarter to Russia. British Airways is in second place with 3,600 cancellations, followed by Easyjet (2,045), Lufthansa (1,888) and Wizz Air (1,256). The Brazilian carrier cut 2,133 routes, South Korean Air 2,033 and India’s IndiGo 2,030. Across the EU, airlines are required to offer passengers the choice of a refund within 7 days or another flight to their destination. In some cases, users can benefit from a compensation that can go up to 600 euros.

Croatia will adopt the euro on 1eh January 2023 • It’s official! On 12 July, EU finance ministers approved Croatia’s changeover to the euro. A further step in the integration of the former Yugoslav Republic of Europe. The introduction of the single currency will therefore enter into force on 1eh January next year. Croatia will therefore exchange the kuna (which will be exchanged at the rate of 7.5345 kuna for 1 euro). In early June, the European Commission announced that Croatia met the “four nominal convergence criteria” needed to adopt the euro. The last adoption of the euro dates back to 2015 with Lithuania. All EU countries (with the exception of Denmark) have committed themselves to adopting the single currency as soon as they meet the applicable convergence criteria.

The French want more office jokes!The French want more office jokes! • Wordplay, second degree, jokes, jokes … French employees want their colleagues to relax more in the office. This is the case for six out of ten respondents, the survey conducted by the social network LinkedIn and published on Monday 11 July shows. More than 75% of professionals surveyed in France say that humor is the most underestimated and least appreciated feeling at work. On the contrary, humor for a quarter of those surveyed turns out to be a lack of professionalism. The study of the social network is also reminiscent of the countries where we share the bulb the most in the office (at least one joke a day): Italy and India come first!

Food: the government announces an “action plan” to reduce the addition of additives • The government has just announced the implementation of an “action plan” aimed at reducing the addition of nitro additives in foods. The Ministries of Agriculture and Health have clarified that it will be submitted to the Folketing in the autumn. This device intervenes after confirmation of a link between the risk of cancer and exposure to these additives. Their use will therefore be limited to what is strictly necessary. A first meeting with the technical players in the sectors is scheduled for the end of July. However, the Ministries point out that the use of nitrites and nitrates is permitted under European rules at a maximum rate of 150 mg per liter. In France, the charcuterie sector is already below these thresholds: with a maximum of 120 mg per kilo. But a new European opinion is expected by the end of the year.

France’s busy roads under the bridge on 14 July • Bad news for motorists. Smart Bison predicts many traffic jams during the second half of the week. The service attached to the Ministry of Ecological Transformation expects “difficult traffic” throughout France, even “very difficult” in the Île-de-France region. To avoid traffic jams, Bison Futé advises residents of Ile-de-France to leave before noon and avoid metropolitan areas. The situation was to ease on 14 July, but the peak of traffic jams was to take place between 15 and 17 July. Friday brings a new wave of departures across the country. The A6, A7 and A9 motorways should be specially blocked. The Mont-Blanc tunnel will also be congested between 10.00 and 23.00. On July 16, France will be completely red in the direction of the returns until mid-afternoon. Courage for motorists!

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