Buying a car: increasingly cumbersome administrative procedures?

After long research, you have finally found the ideal car, the one that meets all your criteria. You must now start all the steps associated with the purchase. Buying a car involves various administrative formalities. The procedures are numerous and quite costly. Do you need to handle them or will you be able to ease them? Discover the administrative procedures to be performed by new vehicle owners.

What solutions make your gray card easy?

The administrative procedures associated with the purchase of a vehicle, new or used, begin with the gray card. that registration certificate must be completed within one month of your acquisition. In principle, the procedures must be performed at the ANTS site. They are no longer done at the registration counters. While it is true that applicants no longer need to travel to the prefectures, the steps to be followed are not always clear. For example, you must first create a France Connect account with a confidential code and a transfer code. If this process is a real headache for buyers, it is now possible to ease it, especially by going through a service provider.

Go through a service provider that specializes in getting registration documents online

It is actually possible to make your request online. This is also an offer that is widely used by car owners. Multiple platforms allow you to perform the gray card remotely, making this step faster and easier. To apply for your registration certificate online, you must contact an approved platform. By leaving the registration of your new vehicle to a service provider, you will receive your provisional registration certificate directly in your mailbox. There are websites that offer a reliable online service with the best value for money. Some service providers offer the option to pay the price of a gray card in several installments, which helps keep your budget given high price of this administrative document. Note that it is the platform that takes care of all procedures with ANTS for you, and the follow-up of your file.

gray card procedures and prices

Submit a request to an automotive professional

You can also leave the application for car registration to a professional car industry. Some professionals may initiate the procedure regardingto get your gray card in your place. You can entrust this process to a mechanic, an agent or a specialized agency. Unlike the solution mentioned above, this is a process that is not performed online. It is a solution that allows you to physically follow the steps to obtain your certificate. To do this, go to the professional of your choice with the necessary documents for the application.

Leave the request for a service house to the public

You can also contact a public service center. It is local services that deal with various administrative procedures, including the application for a gray card. You can physically go to the house for public services in your city by first going to its official website. You will want more information about the procedures you need to follow to send your request to your department’s service center.

Use a simulator to calculate the price of the gray card

You will often find a simulator on an online registration card application page. This will allow you to calculate the price of the registration certificateespecially in terms of tax. This simulator allows you to:

  • choose the approach that suits your situation (purchase of a used or new car, loss of registration, change of address, etc.),
  • indicate the characteristics of your car,
  • enter the postal code of your residence,
  • indicate the registration number of the vehicle.

The calculator will tell you the exact amount you need to pay to get your car registration document. You then only need to validate your procedure online and provide the necessary documents to compile your file.

make gray cards online

What is the price of the gray card?

Currently, the price of a gray card always depends on the applicable taxes in your department and the car to be registered. The price will vary depending on the car’s power, engine, number of fiscal horses and CO2 emissions. The price of a gray card is based on vehicle CO2 emissions, the power and its energy. CO2 emissions determine the ecological fine to be paid, depending on the car model to be purchased and its condition. The amount varies between 50 and 10,500 €. The size of the ecological fine for a new vehicle is defined in such a way that it encourages buyers to invest in less polluting vehicles.

New electric and hybrid cars are the most affordable in terms of registration fees. The price of the gray card for a new vehicle also includes the administration costs and the fee for sending the file home to you. Note that when buying an organic vehicle, some regions provide exemption for all or part of the regional tax. In this case gray card the price will be lowerwhich will reduce the cost of purchasing the new vehicle.

Possibility to pay for the gray card in several installments

Once you have used a simulator, you will see the cost of registering your vehicle. Since the price can be quite high, especially for powerful or polluting vehicles, the ability to pay in installments can be really interesting. If the price of the gray card is high for the car you are buying, or if you want to reduce the immediate costs associated with the purchase, be aware that some gray card platforms offer payment in installments. Thanks to this alternative, you can take the steps have your registration certificate immediately and pay in three or four installments.

In general, gray card application sites offer this offer for all registrations from € 100. As a reminder, be aware that the price of vehicle registration includes several items. Firstly, there is the regional tax or Y.1, which is set by the regional council. It is achieved by multiplying the tax of a CV (specific to the region where you live) by the tax power of the car. In some regions, discounts are granted for certain types of vehicles. Then there is the tax for the development of vocational training actions or Y.2. It is specific to commercial vehicles (public transport, freight transport, etc.). In this case, the price of the gray card will vary according to the vehicle’s PTAC (total authorized weight).

There are also taxes on polluting vehicles (Y.3). They include the CO2 tax and the eco tax or malus. As for the administration tax (Y.4), it is € 11. In addition to these various fees, the fee for delivery of the gray card comes to your home (Y.5). Note that the latter does not apply to a moped registration document if you notice an entry error, or to the first 3 address change signs in the case of a new AB-123-CD model registration document. You finally want yours pay the registration fee (Y.6), corresponding to all the taxes and duties payable. To know the exact price of this document, it is advisable to use an online calculator. You will be able to know the price to work out your budget and consider paying in installments if necessary.

What documents do you need to provide to get your gray card?

To make the process easier, whether you choose to apply online or with an automotive professional, knowing the documents you need to deliver will help you get a head start. Given the time it takes to obtain the various administrative documents and supporting documents, you need to prepare the necessary case in advance. A problem with the documents to be delivered will also be delayedto get your gray card. The steps to make a gray card seem like a real obstacle course for some! Between the various trips and the administrative steps to be followed, it is not easy to apply for your car registration document. The government nevertheless wanted to simplify the various steps to limit the time required to obtain this document. The fact that the various steps to obtaining supporting documents are dematerialized will make your work easier. To make your gray card, you must provide these supporting documents:

  • a proof of identity,
  • an application for certification of registration,
  • the purchase invoice for the vehicle or the transfer mandate,
  • a copy of the insurance certificate,
  • a registration mandate,
  • a proof of address issued less than 6 months ago,
  • a photocopy of the applicant’s driving license.

Note that other additional documents may be required, especially in connection with the request for one company registration certificatea resident or a minor.

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