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Take effect, 12% of French intend to spend their holidays in France this summer and especially in Brittanyaccording to a study conducted by ADN Tourisme and Atout France (ie 2 points more compared to 2021). An obvious desire to take advantage of beautiful scenic coastline, exudes history and enjoys the fresh sea air with its comfortable temperatures. With the installation of the high-speed line at Rennes in 2017 and the growing attraction for Brittany, the local tourist actors have set up the project ” In Brittany without my car “.

A collaborative tourism eco-mobility project

Many public and private actors in Breton territory had to mobilize to do this collaborative project possible: mobility, transport, tourism, institutions, everything to defendtourism eco-mobility. But enough administrative talk, let’s move on beautiful plans for walks and stays that awaits you this summer with family, friends or boyfriends, and above all without your car ! Let’s start from Nantes and go back to South Finistere !

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Explore Nantes to the Brest Canal by bike

that Nantes-Brest Canal which crosses the Loire-Atlantique represents 95 kilometers of a track marked by 18 locks, 70 kilometers of towpaths that allow a walk in full safety along along the water. It’s a real one interruption experience, coziness: we give time to others, according to the waves, the surrounding nature and encounters along the water. On foot, by bike, on horseback or by boat: all means (for movement) are good for discovering this nature ties which crosses the northern part of the Loire-Atlantique.

Join the bike route

By bike you will take the Breton part off Velodysseybetween Roscoff and Nantes, a special suitable for families and / or beginners. On your way you will be able to consider many locks, (18 locks and 16 lock houses in the Loire-Atlantique). You will review charming towns such as Sucé-sur-Erdre, Nort-sur-Erdre, Blain, Josselin, Carhaix, Rohan, Pontivy and Redon!

Take a walk through Nantes vineyards on foot or by bike

Of wonderful vineyards surround us in Nantes, and yet we do not necessarily think of visiting or exploring them! Where is the pity, especially since it is possible to browse them on foot or by bicycle !

Follow the route on foot

In Nantes you can take tram train or the line T2 to reach the lavish city Clisson or you can also take the TER train serving La Haye Fouassiere, Pallet and Gorges stations. Once you are there, go to the website of the tourist office for Nantes winery which provides several circuits free of charge per municipality and favorite tour. June to Octoberyou will have the chance to enter some wineries in the vineyard too tastingsanimations and even sometimes harvest workshops.

Join the cycling course

By bike another route awaits you to discover the vineyards of Nantes. From Nantes, follow a marked route that leads you to palle along Sevre. From there you can then join the circuits in Vineyard by bike (a 100 kilometer network of marked circuits consisting of 5 interconnected loops). Long from 9 to 32 kmthese loops will allow you to completely disconnect and discover new ones beautiful places such as castles, vineyards or churches.

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Cross from Vannes to Ile d’Arz by boat-bus

You pass through Valves on holiday, on a long weekend and you visit the region? What a great opportunity to offer you a trip and not just any kind, a cruise to an island to visit! Board forIsle of Arz on board water bus which takes visitors or locals to Séné or the island of Arz town only 20 minutes.

Join the boat-bus route

Join in Port station of Vannes, located in 30 minutes walk from the city center or by bus), to take the boat bus and board the Séné and / or the island of Arz. Once upon a time on the island of Arz (also called “The captain’s island“), two pleasant walks are available to you: the green path at 7.5 kilometers, begins at the landing stage and crosses old salt marshes to reach the beach Fontaine-Varia and blue patha little further, walk along the west coast of the island and brings you to the beach in Kerolan. On this route you can discover mill at the tide of Berno’s peak, which dates from the 16th century.

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Visit the beautiful city of Vannes without a car

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit charming town of Vannes and its majestic ramparts ? You can get there TER and TGV from Nantes with a journey of only 2h15. When you arrive at the station, you can stroll around the city on foot as it suits you and reach town center 15 minutes away. You can also discover his beautiful harborthat St. Peter’s Basilicawhose spiers date from the 19th century as well as the Museum of Fine Arts. If you’re from Nantes you can be a fan of street art. A course of 3 kilometers waiting for you from underground of the Art Palace to the left bank of Vannes harbor where you can consider all sortsstreet art.

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Hiking in South Finistère by bike

between the northern part of point of Raz and south of Pointe de Penmarc’h, a route allows you to with a bicycle the magnificent Audierne Bugtlocated in South Finistere. From your saddle you will discover landscapes from the end of the world. Count one little hour to walk from Audierne to Pointe du Raz!

Join the bike route

You can participate in this hike from kl Quimper Where Douarnenezjoins cycle route thanks to the network’s “car + bike” service BreizhGo. Another option is also available to you, you can borrow it solar wind roadwhich starts either at Plogoffat Pointe du Raz, either Penmarc’h, at the foot of the Eckmühl lighthouse. This route along the coast and offers you explanations of landscapes and heritage which you will discover around you (13 reading tables).

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Happy holidays on the roads of the West without your car sweets!

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