Former Marvel VFX artist opens up about poor working conditions

An old wonder The VFX artist opens up about what they say are poor working conditions at the studio. Following the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves forward with Phase 4, with no signs of slowing down. The MCU has grown exponentially with the arrival of several new heroes, as well as the expansion of movies into TV series via Disney +. In fact, Marvel President Kevin Feige said the MCU franchise plans are now set for 2032.

But despite the praise given to many new Marvel movies and TV series, not everything about the universe has been praised. Recently, the MCU has been called out by many for what is seen as poor CGI work and a decline in specialty quality. The latest example of this is the new Disney + series She-Hulk: Lawyer trailer, which was shared on social media for what many considered to be extremely flawed CGI work on creating the superhero’s alter ego of Tatiana Maslany’s new MCU character, Jennifer Walters. Many have found the latter Hun-Hulk trailer and images representing the fighting VFX quality of the MCU.

Now a fhv guardians of the galaxy and Spider Man VFX artist, Dhruv Govil, supported his industry peers who took an issue with working conditions at Marvel Studios. Reply to an article published by The player on Twitter who claimed VFX artists refused to work with Marvel, Govil added his own personal experience. The former VFX artist said he saw colleagues “breakdown” to be “overworked”, and credited with working on Marvel projects with his decision change industry. Read his full tweet below:

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Despite the success of the MCU, its visual images have often been the subject of criticism. Much of the setback has been claims that the franchise has no “visual language”, with scenes that are sometimes “washed out”. Captain America: Civil War and even a fan favorite The Avengers received this criticism. However, even if new projects like Eternal, Thor: Love and Thunderand Wanda Vision hit the screens, comments from viewers about uneven VFX work became more common. On-site footage has been hampered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, forcing Marvel Studios to rely more on green screens. This placed an additional burden on VFX artists. However, Govil’s tweet suggests that this is not the only problem, but that extreme time pressure and a dwindling budget often also affect working conditions on an MCU project. The artist’s comments also indicate that he feels that Marvel VFX artists are not being properly compensated for their efforts.

Marvel Studios has not yet commented on this, and it is likely that the studio does not care. It’s certainly interesting to hear a former Marvel VFX artist take a stand on this, given that these production team members are often victims of fans’ setbacks to poor CGI. However, the VFX teams got their right elsewhere, too guardians of the galaxy Director James Gunn recently said they were the key to MCU’s success. While these comments are just statements from a former VFX artist, they may be a little insight into the pitfalls of working for one of the largest and fastest growing franchises in the entertainment industry.

Source: Dhruv Govil/ Twitter

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