A mother leaves her 3-year-old son in a cemetery: he is running behind his car, she fled

Every child needs to grow up in a loving and safe home. Unfortunately, some children understand too soon that life is not so rosy. Most of them grow up with terrible traumas. This story accurately reflects the harsh reality of a little boy abandoned by his mother. This action will cause a wound that will take time to heal. However, the story has a happy ending.

A little trip with his mother

The story takes place two days before Christmas. The little boy is very impatient as children of his age during the end of the year festivities. That day, his mother took him in the car with her little dog. But she is heading for a very strange destination. It stops at Hope Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Ohio.

The little boy’s mother stops her car in the middle of the snow. He gets out of the vehicle very happy to take this ride with his mother and her little pet … Unfortunately that was not what was going to happen.

Source: Pexel

The beginning of the drama

As soon as the little boy is turned around, the mother starts her vehicle and drives in the opposite direction. He does not understand the situation. The poor little boy, very shocked, starts running after her at full speed. He runs relentlessly with his puppy and thinks his mother would stop when she realized he had forgotten. “Like Tony, many children face the threat of being abandoned, whether they are infants or young. Fortunately, his puppy was able to accompany him in this terrible moment of his life.

A witness receives the abandoned little boy

A witness witnessed the entire scene. Deeply moved, he immediately called Ohio police. Shortly afterwards, Hinckley’s police arrive at the scene. They quickly take responsibility for the child left by his mother.

Chef David Centner therefore has the idea of ​​posting some information on Facebook to help him:

“Mens [le témoin] around the vehicle and stopped so she drove the vehicle away at high speed. That was when she saw a little boy running after the car, followed by a dog. The vehicle left the cemetery and drove west on SR303 towards Brunswick. »

Source: Pexel

Tony and his dog are now under the protection of the police department. Police had to work hard on the investigation as the little boy was still only three years old at the time of the events. He was therefore unable to provide the necessary information about his identity that an adult would normally have done. He was still able to say the names of his two parents: David and Katy.

Tony was in excellent physical condition. He weighed 40 pounds and was about a meter tall. He had short, brown hair. His eyes had a beautiful blue color. Police immediately took a picture of him and posted it on social networks, attaching another message:

“Below is a picture of Tony. Anyone with information about the identity of our boyfriend, his parents or other family members should contact the Hinckley Police Department at 330-278-7162 or the Medina County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at 330-725 -6631.”

Finally reunited!

A foster family immediately accepts the poor child. Police initially assigned him a safe home in Medina County. This is a measure to ensure the safety of the child while waiting for the police to find his parents. Everyone is talking about Tony’s case, even on social media. He weighed 40 pounds and was about a meter tall. This is how his father finds him in a very short time. He immediately contacted the police. He then explains that he was not aware of what his son had to endure on December 23rd. The reason was that it was his mother who had custody of him that day.

Source: Pexel

After the incident, Tony is handed over to his uncle to stay under police investigation. To end the case, Officer Centner sends another message on Facebook:

“We wanted to give one last update on this matter so everyone knows that Tony and his dog were quickly reunited with his father and are doing well!”

Santa will be present at Christmas

After a visit to the hospital, the mother is placed in detention. Internet users have not been insensitive to Tony’s story. They sent him gifts, messages and clothes to heal his little heart.

Chef Cerner even left the following message on Facebook:

“On behalf of everyone at HPD, we would like to thank everyone for your kindness, thoughts, prayers and immense love. Our lobby is filled with gifts that have been delivered.”

This benevolent policeman will therefore have to go to Tony’s to bring back all the presents intended for him. On occasion, he will pretend to be the good old Santa.

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