Which (original) Star Wars character are you based on your enneagram?

Star wars fans have seen a resurgence of content in recent years thanks to the miniseries available on Disney +. Fans were thrilled to see Luke Skywalker enter The Mandalorian and young Leia in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Each protagonist from the original films brings something to the dynamic, whether it is Han Solo’s arrogance or Leia’s understanding, they are all key elements in the story.

The Enneagram is a personality test that describes patterns of interpretation of the world and those around them. Like other personality tests, there are a few key features for each enneagram type, making it fun to guess which fictional characters would be which type.

Type One – Yoda

Yoda is without a doubt a great example of Type Ones, The Perfectionists. Type 1s like to do things the right way and do not accept a negative response reminiscent of Yoda’s famous quote, “Do or do not do. There is no attempt.”

These types of tend to work hard in all aspects of their lives and rarely make mistakes. Their biggest fear is being perceived as a bad or morally flawed person, again something that sounds very familiar to Yoda, who always strived to be on the good side of the Jedi and be a good example.

Type to – Chewbacca

Type Twos, also known as Givers, want to be loved and to belong to a group of people. They are eager to be around people and help when they can. It sounds like the perfect description of Chewbacca, which is always near Han Solo.

Type two work incredibly hard to be there for others, they want the world to love them back. Their deepest fear is of being alone and unloved, which fans see throughout the series and Chewbacca’s arc, just as he does everything he can to protect not only Han Solo, but Leia and Luke where he can.

Type three – Darth Vader

Maybe no one suits this guy better than Darth Vader himself. Type three are the accomplished, they want their lives to be defined by their success and achievements. However, Vader was pushed into this type as it was not always like that, making it a very complicated Type Three.

Their biggest fear is seen as failure, and Vader goes to great lengths to prove that he is not. He is always looking for the next goal, the next achievement, the next thing he can do to prove his worth. Although he is a villain character, he still exhibits some of the more positive traits of type three.

Type four – Han Solo

Individualists / Type Fours are known for their sense of humor and creativity. They sometimes have social difficulties with other people, which is true of Han Solo, who is apparently happy with himself and Chewbacca and no one else.

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They lack the key element of happiness in their lives and often hide this gap by using their talents elsewhere, like Han Solo and his racing skills. They want to be seen as individuals and valued for who they are.

Type Five – Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi

Type five is known as investigators. They save energy by living in their own world, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. This is exactly where fans find Obi-Wan in the original films, he hides and focuses his needs and energy on something bigger than himself.

They often use their intellect in situations, to save their energy, which viewers see when Obi-Wan talks to Luke Skywalker and tries to explain the Jedi’s paths. Obi-Wan is curious about the world around him and always deeply interested in finding out everything he can about the galaxy. He is the perfect example of a true Jedi, on the light side.

Type six – C-3PO

One of the most defining features of the Type Six is ​​its desire for safety. They are known as The Skeptics, who always avoid unnecessary risks and try to find safe groups of people to ally with.

Although C-3PO does not exactly choose the safest group to align with, as he always seems to be in danger, it is clear that he is never happy about it. However, he is extremely loyal, another Six trait, and does not deviate from the group he trusts.

Type seven – RD-D2

For a droid, the R2-D2 has a lot of personality, making him the perfect enthusiast. Type Sevens seeks adventure and fun wherever they can find it, a direct contrast to Type Sixes and his friend C-3PO.

Type 7s hate to get bored and are always looking for an adrenaline rush. Much of R2-D2’s life is spent in dangerous but fun situations, whether it’s being in fighter pilot ships or being sent out into the unknown to find help. , he always does everything with enthusiasm.

Type Eight – Leia Organa

Leia Organa always challenges everything around her, hence her status as Type Eight, The Challenger. She does not take no for an answer and is not afraid to receive the most powerful people in the galaxy, even when that person is Darth Vader.

She always seeks the feeling of being free and independent and hates when she does not control her actions. She defends her home planet, which is fair, and defends those less powerful than her, another common trait of Type Eights.

Type ni – Luke Skywalker

Type Nines are defined by their hard work and determined nature. Luke Skywalker always tries to do the right thing and works hard. The nine, also known as The Peacemakers, are associated with something greater than themselves, a sense of inner peace that Luke has thanks to his Jedi powers.

They tend to avoid conflicts whenever possible, but fear rejection, so they go a very fine line socially. But despite everything, they are easy to be around and promote harmony, something Luke does through the movies. He is able to restore peace in the galaxy at the end of the movies, which his father was never able to do.

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