Sale of bricks, a business that satisfies many mouths

As you know, Burkina Faso has experienced its peak with urbanization in recent decades, the construction of infrastructure here, the construction of large buildings there. This parameter would be a nightmare if there were no engineers, architects and masons. Today, another company has joined this large family, and that is the sale of bricks. This job consists of making bricks and then selling them to those who want to build them without going through the purchase of cement, sand, water or even to those who are in a hurry. So do you think this profession has its place in this rapidly urbanizing world? Ernest Nana, a bricklayer by profession, tells you about his livelihood in the following lines …

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As in their diary, they begin their work at dawn to finish before the sun rises on the horizon because their “office” is open to the sky. This Friday morning, they will not deviate from their habit.

At 12 o’clock, when we stopped the engine on our machine, they were sitting in a group under a shed. While others rested after a hard day’s work, others rinsed and switched to otherwise record the other hours of the day.

“We recognize the real mason at the foot of the wall,” they say, and Ernest Nana, though he had already spun his spare clothes, as if to take care of other professions, still searched around in his works (brick ed. Note .), to take care of the grain.

The bricklayer Ernest Nana

In his twenties, Ernest Nana has been making bricks for two years now. In his program for the day, he makes either hollow bricks or vents. But all in all, this job, he does it full time. With his experience, he immerses us in his universe.

We make our bricks with cement, sand and mold. As it is on the market, we measure five and a half wheelbarrows for a bag of cement », he tells us.

“Per day, if there is a market, we can sell a thousand bricks or two thousand bricks”

This mixture of a bag of cement is equivalent to 70 bricks. With this business, our bricklayer manages to live a modest life with his little family. But it must be said, the days go by but are not the same. But there are days when young Ernest does not receive the slightest ” Hi “client.

One day, if there is a market, you can sell a thousand bricks or two thousand bricks. But if there is no market, we can manage a month even without selling a brick «, He confides.

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It is clear that the gloom of the clientele is not the only difficulty of our friend, if we know well that the rainy season is progressing with a run. It is therefore with strategy that he operates without suffering great losses.

You see these bricks that we just hit, if the rain starts, it can ravage it all. And it is us who are going to go with big losses. Sometimes, if the sand is not of good quality, we can make bricks for the customers and they do not come to buy more and the rest is up to us to dispose of.

With the rainy season, which is also here when you want to work, you come very early to start, so at noon, everyone gets free, because you never know. For example, if the rain will fall tonight, it will come to discover that our bricks have already begun to dry “, He adds with difficulty.

“If you come and pay here, it’s much faster”

Like any good entrepreneur, Ernest Nana is well aware of the leading role his company plays in this rapidly evolving world. He therefore argues that customers would save twice, both in time and money, by knocking on the door of any construction project.

You pay for sand, you pay for cement, you pay for water, you want to call someone to make the bricks, if he comes to make the bricks, he takes 1,500 francs for a bag, and at the end of the count, if you have to count, you are late, but if you come to pay here, it is much faster. So therefore we make the bricks to deposit, if you come and are lucky that bricks have been deposited, you buy at the same time and you save time », Says Ernest Nana, while he is reassuring about the quality of his bricks.

An exhibition of bricks by Ernest Nana

The prices of his bricks are fixed at 250 francs per. unit. To make his business run smoothly, he stretches his arms out in good will. To listen to him, he faces a lack of financial resources, which has a significant impact on his market.

For those who want to get bricks from Ernest, his company is located at the town hall in arrondissement 11 (Karpala editor’s note). It is installed right at the edge of the track where the pylons are located.

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