How to check the generation of your PC and laptop?

If you go to a local store to buy a computer, they will determine the price based on the generation of laptops. So it is best to learn how to control the generation of your PC and laptop. What is this generation’s shit and what are the differences between the processors. Fear not, because in this article you will learn how to control the generation of your PC and laptop.

What the hell is generation?

Well, in fact, the generation of the processor means that the laptop processor was released in what year. (Sometimes it can be wrong) At least it is only suitable for Intel processors, not AMD. With each new processor, the company also adds more or fewer transistors, which results in better performance, power consumption, cache, core, wires and more. In addition, depending on the generation of the processor, the size of the processor may vary, it may be thinner.


What should I look for in the processor when I buy one?

Well, apparently, every year companies release new processors to keep up with the competition. However, if you are an ordinary human being, when buying a new computer, in addition to RAM, stock type, port version, etc., you should also consider the CPU. You can control the following elements in the processor.

  1. Heart
  2. son
  3. Basic frequency
  4. Boost or turbo frequency
  5. IGP (integrated graphics processor)
  6. IGP cache
  7. Cache memory
  8. TDP (thermal design power)

Also, if you are building a custom PC, it is a completely different thing because you can buy each part separately. And it also means that you understand the principles of computer hardware. What if, when you buy a new processor, the generation and details of the processor are written on its box and on the processor.

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Well, first of all, most of the time a computer generation is not written and neither can you find it on your system. Either you learn the trick, or you google the generation of the processor at the production sites. The generation of a computer also means the generation of the processor, so remember that. Now on the list below, I have listed some of the generation-based Intel processors.

Now learn how to control the generation of your PC and laptop.

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and select Options. You can also search for parameters.
  2. After opening settings, under system, click, scroll down and see your processor details.
System details

Now that you have seen the system details, you will see the processor details in front of the processor. In my case it is Intel Core i5-7200U, now to understand the generation, after i5 it is first letter 7, which means it is 7th generation processor. Keep in mind that this method only works on Intel processors.

7th generation processor

If you can not believe me, you can find the processor details on the official website of the intelligence service.

Generation Intel Core i5-7200U

You can also find the same processor options in the task manager, just remember that you understand the building. You can also find more details about the processor.

Processor details


You can check the generation of your PC or laptop if it has an Intel processor. Using an AMD processor is another matter and it’s not really easy to figure out.

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