Hip-hop, K-pop, dancehall … When dancers occupy the urban space in Clermont-Ferrand

“It is our ritual, on Saturday we meet. Their names are Inès, Taïs, Océane, Mélanie, Ambre or Anaïs, and as soon as they have the opportunity, they gather in rue Léo-Lagrange to practice their choreographies.

Located between the Comédie and Coubertin nautical stadiums, it is taken over every weekend by dancers – high school students or university students – who take advantage of this urban space that is perfectly adapted to their practice: free access, few cars, large bay windows that make office of mirror … and space ?! “I dance when I cook, I dance when I clean. But I’m in a very small apartment ?! smiles Alya, an English student, but above all a full – time dancer in hip hop. It happens to him, like that Saturday, to mingle with the group of Inès at 15, who specializes in K-pop.Imported from Korea, this dance is “a mix of styles that incorporate the basics of hip-hop”, the details.

Dancing in public, gaining confidence

For passers-by who have to make their way between the “crews” (the teams of dancers, editor’s note) and skateboarders, it’s always a fun sight. “But when they stop to see us, it puts us in the conditions of our shows and it gives us confidence.

Most often, the dancers who practice rue Léo-Lagrange belong to dance clubs. But when the health crisis prevented them from living out their passion, they organized themselves: “We started meeting with friends in Clermont-Ferrand to practice choreographies that we have created ourselves,” says Alya. And it’s true that it’s fun to dance on the street. »

Here everyone has their place and practices their art seriously. “There is a large community of dancers in Clermont-Ferrand, according to Alya. We are here to share a passion and to make the city dynamic. A bit like what you see in Lyon or Paris. After all, the dance was born on the streets. ! »

Concentrating on their reflection in the bay window, the dancers often film their performance on their smartphone. For the “crew” to which Inès belongs, consisting of eight girls, however, there is no doubt about posting their choreography on TikTok, Instagram and other social networks … “We film ourselves to improve our skills. But I think That one day I will start writing on YouTube or Instagram. ”TikTok fans usually meet on Place de Jaude and reproduce short choreographies, more for fun than to present them to an audience at the end of the year.

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Lyrics: Pauline Mareix
Photos: Fred Marquet

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