find love with these new virtual reality chat apps!

With the advent of metavers, a new way of meeting in a virtual reality world is being born. Zoom in on these new dating apps in Web 3 mode!

The internet is constantly changing and some news from the web hotel is sometimes even perceived as science fiction. Although it is rather unexpected for many, dating services today are becoming the warning of revolutionary trends.

How is the online dating industry changing today? Why are dating apps and video chat leading the way in implementing new features? How will the online dating industry develop in the near future? That is what we are going to talk about today. We promise you that it will be interesting!

Tinderverse: Tinder will launch its own meta-verse and create an internal virtual currency!

tinderverse tinder app metaverse version in virtual reality

Rumors that Tinder is planning to launch its own metaverse began circulating in early 2021. As the year progressed, the more information we received. Today we already know a lot about this future metaverse:

  • Its official name is – Tinderverse.
  • It will be possible to enter the metaverse using virtual or augmented reality.
  • In Tinderverse, users will not only be able to meet and communicate, but also go to virtual concerts, walk through streets and digital parks, organize business meetings and much more.

Renate Nyborg, CEO of Tinder, announced that he is actively working on Tinderverse at the “Reuters Next” conference. We also know that the service’s internal virtual currency is already being tested. Its appearance is therefore only a matter of time.

Do you want to know more? In this video, Renate Nyborg, CEO of the famous dating app, talks about the Tinderverse of the future!

What you need to understand here is that when the Tinder verse hits the market, we will definitely see a real explosion in the popularity of the meta-verse. Match Group, which owns Tinder, will definitely create new meta verses for its other services. And after him, third-party companies will catch up too.

We dare to assume that such a classic format as roulette chats will also undergo many changes and they will become part of the meta-verse. But it is too early to say. And we’ll return to the topic of video chat a little later.

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Decentraland: an already functional virtual world created on blockchain

Decentraland: meeting in the metaverse

While Mark Zuckerberg, Renate Nyborg and others are just sharing their plans to create meta-universes, the developers of Decentraland have already released a finished product – Decentraland’s virtual world, built on blockchain technology and supporting NFTs.

At first glance, Decentraland looks like an online game with cartoon graphics. But in reality, everything is much more interesting. Here you can already communicate with other users, attend conferences, open your own shops, buy and sell, explore the world, create completely new things in it and literally live in it. Each of your trips in this virtual world is an opportunity to go to cruise sites to meet new people. And why not find love?

Key features of Decentraland are precisely the support for NFTs. Tokens allow you to purchase “land” in the virtual space to build anything – a store, office, cinema, art gallery and more. You can even create your marriage certificate in the metaverse version NFT!

decentraland marriage certificate metaverse NFT

Decentraland already looks like a real breakthrough in the metaverse world. But it is a very young project that is still in the development stage. It’s hard to imagine the perspectives that will open up for him and other meta-universes as technology takes another leap forward.

Video chat: back in fashion. Even more than before!

If you were an active internet user in the early 2000s, you probably remember 2009, the year Omegle and Chatroulette random chats first appeared. At the time, there was simply nothing like it on the web. And in 2010, the number of daily users of these platforms was in the millions.

Audiences on these platforms then began to gradually decline due to the poor moderation of Omegle, Chatroulette, Bazoocam, the absence of filters for the search for interlocutors, and the developers’ generally controversial policies. At the same time, alternative video chats began to emerge – Chatrandom, OmeTV, Bazoocam, Camsurf and video chat with girls CooMeet. They have already provided users with search filters, better moderation and excellent video communication quality. Not surprisingly, the Omegle and Chatroulette audiences quickly migrated to these new platforms.

video chat mobile dating app

Until the beginning of 2020, the number of video chat users grew quite slowly. Surprisingly, the situation has been drastically changed by the coronavirus pandemic around the world. After losing the ability to meet and communicate in real life, users turned to the internet. And since not everyone likes the format of traditional dating sites and apps, they chose an alternative: video chat. Result: In just one year, many sites have multiplied their audience by 2 or 3. And this has made it possible to more actively implement new features and grow with the competition. Video chat is therefore again at the peak of their popularity. And they are obviously not going to give up their place.

New players in the online dating market: unexpected projects

An interesting story happened in Singapore. A young girl named Vernis Yap was an avid user of the best dating apps. But she failed to achieve the desired results in her personal life. She went on 50 dates and each time it turned out that the person was not the right one for her at all. And lo and behold, Vernis Yap, realizing that the algorithms for popular applications did not work in his case, decided to create his own service and called it Lovenn.

law an innovative dating app

No swipes or anything else! At Lovenn, all users must answer a series of 20 questions, after which the system searches for the best matches and selects the best candidates for meetings. And interestingly enough, Lovenn works really well.

This example proves that even today it is possible to launch a project that will be better than its competitors and immediately attract many new users. And it does not require colossal budgets at all. Sometimes a good idea and an original approach are the key to success.

We believe that in the coming months and years, dozens and hundreds of original online dating services will appear on the Internet, and they will be radically different from anything we are used to. This is a big trend as new technologies and new approaches are always driving the industry forward. And we all really need it in the real world today.

Results: the future is very interesting!

The online dating industry had been stagnant for a while and offered nothing new to the users. But the year 2021 has proven to be very rich in innovations and even revolutionary changes in online dating in general, so it seems that everything has finally changed.

the future of online dating

Tinder is beginning to fundamentally change the way today thinks about online dating. Video chat, which many had apparently completely forgotten, has suddenly gained immense popularity and is not about to give up their place just yet. New dating services are popping up almost every day. Some of them really amaze with their innovative ideas and solutions.

We are convinced that 2022, 2023 and the coming years will bring us many more changes. Maybe even changes that we are not able to imagine today. After all, you have to admit that a year or two ago no one heard of or knew anything about the meta-universes. And today they are not just a buzzword: they already work! We are sure that there is more than one mini-revolution in the dating industry ahead of us and we are looking forward!

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