League of Legends: We calculated the time it took to level up … And that’s a long time!

news tips League of Legends: We calculated the time it took to level up … And that’s a long time!

It’s no secret that LoL is a time consuming game. Firstly because its game can last up to 50 minutes (and more) in the most extreme cases, but also because players tend to chain games to try to climb up the rankings. But do you know how long it takes to get a level up? We tell you everything.

If you want to worry about a League of Legends player, just ask them how much time they have spent in the game in total. About some sites allow to have an indication as frightening as accurate, no one will describe you the time needed to go up a level on the classification of the ruthless SoloQ. Yes, between the fights that sometimes last a good 40 minutes (and end in failure half the time), the little LP that can sometimes be won in case of victory, and the promotion fights that seem to attract the upper crust MOBA trolls from Riot games, it is sometimes difficult to realize how much time you are spending trying to finally reach the landing above. So to help you realize this joyful waste of time, we have made the math for you.


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call back to base

If you do not play League of Legends yourself, but are reading this article (to help a friend who may have fallen into this downward spiral, for example), it is important to remember how the game’s ranked game works. In Riot Games’ MOBA, players can play a ranked mode that will earn or lose points for each win or defeat (= the famous LP). The goal will then be to win as many matches as possible to move up the rankings. The latter is divided into several stages classified as follows, from the worst to the best:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

In addition to the last three levels, each of them is also divided into 4 divisions (the worst is IV, the best I). To move from one division to another it will be necessary to accumulate 100 LP. To move from one level to another, you must reach Division I, collect 100 LP and win what are called promotion battles. This is a series of 5 matches, of which 3 victories are enough to reach the top level. Knowing that the number of LPs gained by wins (or lost by defeats) can vary greatly depending on each person’s winning rate, and that games last between 25 and 33 minutes on average … You now understand why League of Legends players spend a lot time on the game.

A salty note

League of Legends: We calculated the time it took to level up ... And that's a long time!

Now that the basics have been laid, it is sufficient to rely on the calculation of the number of games needed to go up a level made by the Reddit user byepolarpolarbjørn to find the time you need to achieve it. Be careful though, the average duration of a game varies by a few minutes depending on the level you are playing at. The website The League of Graphs lists precisely these values ​​that we will use for our calculation.

Therefore, according to the previously quoted Reddit user, it would take about 80 games to complete an entire series and advance to the next for a player with a winning rate of 55%. If you are good enough to win 60%, the number of required games drops to around 35. By multiplying this number of games by the average duration of the latter, we arrive at the following results:

Landing Average duration of a game 60% profit rates 55% profit rates
Bronze 32:47 19:07 43:42
Silver 32:14 18:48. 42:58
Gold 31:49 18:34. 42:25
Platinum 31:08 18:10 41:31
Diamond 30:18 17:41 40:24
Master 29:08 16:59 38.50

If these values ​​impress you, you are not at the end of your surprises. In fact, they only represent playing time, and therefore excludes the time to select and exclude champions, as well as the possibility of losing promotion matches (which, however, happens relatively often and wastes a lot of time). By adding this data to the calculation, there is no doubt that it would take several hours more.

In other words, by taking a rough average, it will take you about 40 hours to go from one level to another if you are a little better than your rank and therefore deserve to move up. It’s up to you to see if you do not prefer to end a good solo game instead of …

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