Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP) affected by the disease? His state of health worries him a lot.

Kelly Vedovelli is very active on social networks and loves to interact with her fans. Recently, the beautiful blonde claims in her Instagram story that she could catch Covid. An opportunity that worries him a lot. We’ll tell you what happened to him.

A malaise that occurred after trips with friends

She is definitely one of the most popular French columnists for “Touche Pas À Mon Poste”. With good reason, Kelly Vedovelli, in addition to her talent as an animator, is breathtakingly beautiful.

With her beautiful blonde hair, her smile and her calm, Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick has won the hearts of France. There are even some who only watch the “Baba” talk show to admire the beauty of the columnist.

But like other TV icons, Kelly also needs a little break to change her mind a bit. This summer, the columnist spent his vacation in Portugal. And the least we can say is that she had fun during this little trip.

In fact, Kelly Vedovelli had been partying with her friends for several days in a row. And this on the occasion of a huge festival that took place in this place. Of course, the beautiful blonde did not fail to share this moment with her subscribers.

For example, she appeared in a sensational outfit while attending a Chris Brown show during her stay. An image that obviously caused a sensation among his fans. But if Kelly Vedovelli had spent a wonderful holiday in Portugal, her return to France is far from happy.

Has she got the dreaded virus?

When the four-day holiday is over, Kelly Vedovelli is forced to return to France to resume her daily life. Aside from being back in the territory, the columnist of Cyril Hanouna had felt weakened to the point where she wondered if she would not have incurred Covid.

“I’m so sick. Either I’m not recovering from those four days in Portugal, or I’m covid,” she told Instagram on Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Kelly Vedovelli also admitted that she was afraid of Covid, and there is obviously a reason for that. The columnist explains that catching this virus, which has terrorized people for more than two years, would put her in depression. Being depressed during the summer is the last thing Kelly Vedovelli wants.

“How do I do? I can not be depressed, it’s vacation. In winter I want to, but not here,” she said.

In any case, we wish a speedy recovery to the beautiful blonde and hope it is not Covid.

Victim of criticism on social networks

Clearly, Kelly Vedovelli is a young woman who loves to connect on social networks. If it’s not her discomfort she shares on her Instagram account, it’s pictures of her. Recently, it was aboard a BMW that the beautiful blonde showed up.

Sunglasses on the nose and a small strap as a top reveal Kelly casually. Something to respond to its subscribers. Internet users could not help but compliment Kelly on her beauty. A post that got thousands of likes just hours after its publication.

In the comments you could read compliments from fans such as “canon”, “magnificent” or even “sublime”. Which certainly pleased Kelly. However, the latter could not prevent criticism of her during this magnificent photo either.

It seems that some internet users are annoyed to see the columnist on board a luxury car, and his colleague Jean-Michel Maire is more or less a part of it.

“And it rolls in BM, quietly,” he said.

A little shovel mixed with a little humor? Only he has the answer. At least there are quite a few internet users who did not soften their words when they saw Kelly Vedovelli in this luxury car.

“I did not know you had the driver’s license and we did not VAP while driving”, we can read.

Comments that Kelly did not take the time to respond to.

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